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Deciding between Trezor Safe 5 vs Trezor Model One? Our in-depth comparison explores security, ease of use, and value for money.

Are you having a hard time deciding between Trezor’s new Safe 5 and the older Model One?

Don’t worry, I understand it can be confusing when both seem like good choices. This comparison of Safe 5 vs Model One will help make things clear. We’ll look closely at:

  • How they are built and designed
  • The security features keeping your crypto safe
  • How easy or hard they are to use
    The different backup options
  • The prices for each
  • And some other important points

By the end, you’ll have a good understanding of which Trezor wallet works best for your particular needs. I’ll explain everything in a straightforward way, without extra fluff. Just the facts to help you make a smart decision.

Let’s get started breaking it all down.

Trezor Safe 5 and Trezor Model One: Quick Comparison


Trezor Model One

Launch Year 2024 2014
Price $169 $59
Security EAL 6+ Secure Element, PIN/Passphrase Open-source, PIN/Passphrase
Screen 1.54″ Color Touchscreen 0.96″ Monochrome OLED
Backup 12/20/24-word seed, Multi-share Backup 12/24-word seed
Design PMMA plastic, hidden-tilt effect, anodized aluminum Durable thermoplastic casing

Trezor Safe 5 vs Model One – Head-to-Head Comparison

User Interface
  1. Safe 5: Intuitive 1.54″ color touchscreen (240×240 pixels) with haptic feedback for easy navigation
  2. Model One: Simple two-button control interface with 0.96″ monochrome OLED display
Security Features
  1. Safe 5: Certified EAL 6+ Secure Element chip, PIN and passphrase protection with on-device entry
  2. Model One: Open-source design, PIN and passphrase protection
Ease of Use for Beginners
  1. Safe 5: Premium user-friendly experience with intuitive touchscreen interface
  2. Model One: Steeper learning curve with basic two-button controls
Device Compatibility
  1. Safe 5: USB-C, compatible with Trezor Suite desktop and mobile apps, third-party integration
  2. Model One: Micro-USB, compatible with Trezor Suite desktop and mobile apps
Backup and Recovery Options
  1. Safe 5: 12, 20 or 24-word recovery seed, Advanced Multi-share Backup
  2. Model One: 12 or 24-word recovery seed backup

Performance and Speed

  1. Safe 5: 160MHz embedded ARM Cortex M33 processor. This modern processor suggests efficient performance.
  2. Model One: 120MHz embedded ARM Cortex M3 processor running a custom developed system. This indicates capable transaction handling.

Support and Resources

    • Safe 5:
      • Backed by Trezor’s decade-long experience in open-source security.
      • Integrated into the complete Trezor ecosystem with desktop and mobile apps.
      • Access to a wide array of third-party services.
      • Trezor Expert support
    • Model One:
      • Mature community with extensive documentation and user guides.
      • Trezor Expert support

Supported Cryptocurrencies

  1. Trezor Safe 5:
    • Over 9000 coins and tokens supported
    • Includes major cryptocurrencies and a wide range of altcoins
    • Compatible with popular blockchain networks
  2. Trezor Model One:
    • Also supports over 9000 coins and tokens
    • Covers all major cryptocurrencies and most altcoins
    • Works with various blockchain ecosystems

Both devices offer extensive cryptocurrency support, allowing users to manage diverse portfolios without needing multiple wallets. This broad compatibility makes either choice suitable for both beginners and experienced crypto enthusiasts.

Pricing and Value

  1. Cost Comparison
    • Safe 5: $169
    • Model One: $59
  2. Value for Money (Features per Dollar)
    • Safe 5 packs more premium features like touchscreen, haptics, Secure Element
    • Model One is very affordable for its security fundamentals
  3. Long-term Investment Perspective
    • Safe 5’s advanced features future-proof it as a long-term option
    • Model One’s simplicity could make it a sensible long-term “cold storage” option

Trezor Safe 5 vs Model One – Which Should You Buy?

Both the Trezor Safe 5 and Model One are excellent choices for securing your cryptocurrency assets. They share many similarities, such as supported currencies, open-source development, and integration with the Trezor Suite ecosystem. However, here are my recommendations:

Why you should buy the Trezor Safe 5

  • You prioritize cutting-edge hardware security features like the EAL 6+ Secure Element chip
  • The intuitive touchscreen display with haptic feedback appeals to your preferences
  • You’re new to cryptocurrencies, and the user-friendly design is ideal for beginners
  • Budget is not a primary concern, and you want to invest in the latest technology

Why you should buy the Trezor Model One

  • You value the proven track record and extensive community support of an established device
  • Advanced recovery options like the 12/24-word seed backup are important to you
  • You’re looking to save money without compromising on essential security features
  • You’re already familiar with Trezor’s ecosystem or have experience with hardware wallets

Both wallets excel in security, ease of use, and broad cryptocurrency support. The Safe 5, being the newer model, introduces hardware improvements like the Secure Element chip and haptic touchscreen display. The Model One, despite being slightly older, still offers top-notch features at a significantly lower price point.

Your choice might come down to whether you prefer the latest premium technology (Safe 5) or a tried-and-true device with a price advantage (Model One). Either wallet will serve you well in protecting your digital assets.

If you are still unsure about choosing the Trezor Safe 5 or Model One, you can look at our other comparisons between the Safe 5 vs Model T, and the Safe 5 vs Safe 3. These extra looks may help you pick the Trezor that works nicely for your crypto needs.

Take Away

The main thing to know is that the Trezor Safe 5 shows Trezor’s idea for the future of hardware wallets. It has new ways to make it easy to use and very strong security features. The Trezor Model One is a little older but still a great choice. It has lots of good features for a fair price.

There is no single “best” wallet for everyone. The right one for you depends on what you need, what you like, and how much risk you want to take. But whichever Trezor you pick, both keep your cryptocurrencies very safe and secure. You get to control your crypto journey with confidence when using these quality wallets from Trezor.