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Selecting a cryptocurrency hardware wallet for securely governing digital assets requires analyzing how contender devices handle sensitive private key storage, encryptions, backup provisions, tamper-proofing, and real-world attack protections.

This guide compares the Ngrave Zero, which pioneers fully offline disconnected operation, against the newer Ledger Stax, which offers robust encryption algorithms but maintains constant connectivity. Evaluating key differentiators pinpoints which most effectively safeguards irreplaceable holdings from escalating cyber threats.

Ngrave Zero vs Ledger Stax Quick Comparison

To help visualize the key differentiators before diving deeper into the full analysis, here is a high-level features comparison:

Category Ngrave Zero Ledger Stax Winner
Security CC EAL7 CC EAL6+ 🌐 Ngrave
Supported Assets 1,500 💱 5,500 💱 Ledger
Costs & Pricing $398💰 $79 💵 Ledger
Backup Method Durable Steel Cards 🛡️ Paper Phrases 📜 Ngrave
Wallet Access Biometrics 👤 PIN Only 🔒 Ngrave

Now, let’s fully break down these metrics and others including security, supported assets, price, biometrics, and more in the full Ngrave vs Ledger hardware wallet review outline ahead. By the end, crypto asset holders should feel confident on which device fits their unique priorities whether that emphasizes robust security, well-rounded functionality, or ideally – a pleasing blend of both.


Private Key Handling and Encryption

The Ngrave Zero wallet generates and stores private keys controlling access to cryptocurrency accounts completely offline in strict air gap isolation away from any external networking. This severs attack surfaces reliant on wired or wireless connectivity prominent in software and web-based wallet solutions. Meanwhile, the Ledger Stax leverages a Secure Element hardware chip providing encryption protections for keys managed within the device’s closed operating system still requiring constant connectivity to interface with blockchain networks. Both incorporate tamper-resistant metals shielding internal electronics.

Security & Privacy Certifications

Official security validations also contrast between the platforms as Ngrave has attained coveted bank-grade CC EAL7 commercial certifications while current Ledger products align more with moderate internationally recognized Common Criteria (CC) EAL6 standards common for hardware and software categories but lagging dedicated financial industry protections. However, Ledger Stax improves on past versions with enhanced privacy isolation controls separating distinct wallets via PINs.

Backup Recovery and Restoration

The Ngrave Zero strongly differentiates itself for disaster recovery scenarios by including custom graphene metal seed cards for indelibly etching encoded backups of otherwise unattainable private keys under its disconnected architecture. This enables ultimate account restoration through replacement devices if hardware failures or losses occur. Meanwhile, the connected Ledger Stax relies predominantly on conventional paper phrase backups encoded via web portal setup flows to provide restoration contingencies by reinstalling accounts across replacement hardware. For resilience, Ngrave retains advantages courtesy metal seed cards versus paper vulnerability.

Winner: Ngrave Zero

With its fully air-gapped secure element chip, blockchain-anchored firmware, and advanced fail-safe measures like tamper proofing and quorum seed recovery, the Ngrave Zero offers superior security standards compared to the Ledger Stax. However, the Stax still provides above average protections that meet stringent certifications, making it reasonably safe for most crypto asset storage needs.

Supported Assets

Ngrave Zero Supported Coins - Ngrave Zero vs Ledger Stax

Built-In Cryptocurrency Support

The Ngrave Zero ships ready to generate wallets for and transact across over 1500 different digital coins, security tokens, altcoins with no supplemental apps required. This includes all major assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, and XRP. Ledger’s Stax device can interface with 5000+ coins but demands manually installing companion apps to access and control each cryptocurrency individually.

Blockchain Ecosystem Connectivity

The Stax rental framework allows efficiently connecting to cutting-edge decentralized finance ecosystems like emerging sidechains, lending protocols, and asset gateways that Ngrave does not integrate natively requiring external software tools. However, common chains like BNB Smart Chain, Cardano, Solana, and Polygon retain mutual accessibility.

NFT Support

Non-fungible tokens remain an area where the Ngrave Zero maintains a usability edge given hands-free compatibility managing assets across leading platforms like Ethereum, Flow, and Tron transparently. Buying, displaying, or selling NFT collectibles on the rental-based Stax proves more operationally encumbered presently, often demanding stopgap wallets.

Winner: Ledger Stax

By supporting over 3X more cryptocurrency coins/tokens natively while retaining apps flexibility spanning both mainstream and niche network assets, Ledger Stax delivers maximum diversity of compatibility and future customizability.

Setup and Usage

Getting Started

The offline Ngrave Zero initializes securely through external backups without connectivity risks but demands manually processing keys off-device. Stax onboarding enables straightforward web/mobile restoration but potentially exposes keys at launch.

Asset and Account Management

The Zero wallet consolidates access via integrated touchscreen support toggling 1600+ coins after setup. Stax requires leasing then individually authorizing apps to isolate control for each asset type and network – more bifurcated.

Transaction Handling

Both utilize hardened cryptography for signing outbound payments. But Ngrave Zero enables seamless QR interactions across device boundaries versus Stax demanding manual verifications bouncing between disconnected screens and apps.

Connectivity Support

Stax Retail retains a flexibility advantage connecting broadly to existing custodial platforms via browser extensions or mobile wallets as desired. Ngrave centers almost exclusively on proprietary mobile pairing.

Winner: Ngrave Zero

Consolidated self-sovereignty combining asset access and transaction handling in a singular integrated touchscreen interface ultimately provides a more holistic and secure experience overall after initial onboarding.


The $279 Stax costs markedly less upfront than the higher $398 Ngrave Zero. But long-term value comparisons depend largely on individual priorities balancing security principles and affordability.

What’s in the Box?

Ngrave Zero vs Ledger Stax - What's in the box?


  • 1 ZERO Hardware Wallet
  • 1 ZERO USB-C Cable


  • 1 Ledger Stax
  • 1 USB-C to USB-C cable
  • 1 Recovery Sheet
  • Ledger Stax guide
Winner: Ledger Stax

With demonstrably lower device and recurring pricing models for applications and features, Ledger Stax provides the most cost efficient ownership experience by minimizing lifetime outlays.

Design and Portability

Materials and Construction

Both platforms utilize premium and hardened metals housing sensitive inner electronics including tamper meshes capable of erasing data if breached. This looks toward device longevity against incidents.

Visual Screen and Interface

Ngrave Zero integrates a capacitive touchscreen 4x larger than the button-driven curved E-Ink touchscreen of the Stax. But size hampers discreet transportation while Stax prioritizes on-the-go usage fitting any pocket.

Physical Size, Weight and Dimensions

The Zero measures significantly wider and heavier than Ledger’s pint-sized Stax that resembles a credit card in finish dimensions targeting concealed transport undetectably.

Biometric Sensor Features

Unique fingerprint authentication provides the Ngrave added security during unlocking and transactions. Ledger doesn’t have biometric mechanisms for now limiting control to knowledge factors like PIN codes.

Winner: Both

Ledger Stax prioritizes ultra-portability with stripped down walls and buttons access via connected devices while Ngrave Zero doubles down on self-contained usability built atop a striking onboard touch display secured by biometrics.

Verdict: Ngrave Zero vs Ledger Stax – Which should you buy

When deciding between the Ngrave Zero and Ledger Stax, the choice comes down to your personal priorities.

For those prioritizing absolute security implementing true air-gapped environments isolated from networked threats, the Ngrave Zero stands unmatched as the most robust turnkey solution ensuring basic setup or recovery processes never expose keys while fortifying end-to-end encryption via EAL7 protections and innovative durable backups. No competing device can offer the same uncompromising level across the board presently.

However, for most mainstream crypto investors who want a good blend of strong safety combined with more assets support and cheaper costs, the Ledger Stax makes a compelling case as the better option.

The Stax compromises little on core security assurances thanks to its Common Criteria EAL6+ certification yet charges $279 less than the Zero which costs $398. And unlike Ngrave’s spartan native app ecosystem of just Bitcoin and Ethereum, Ledger’s huge coin and blockchain selection accessed via desktop and mobile gives its wallet much wider versatility.

Unless you have extreme privacy demands or need to safeguard millions in crypto, the Stax strikes the ideal balance of sturdy protection with a smoother user experience at friendlier pricing. For a combination of security, functionality, and value – Ledger Stax is the best cryptocurrency hardware wallet choice for most.

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