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Updated 2024 OKX Review

Is the OKX cryptocurrency exchange legit and safe for trading? As crypto adoption explodes, new traders have growing concerns about separating vetted platforms from potential risk. That’s why we created this updated 2024 OKX review – analyzing key metrics like security, asset availability, trading tools, customer support responsiveness, and previous track record.

OKX Review 2024

By peering behind the slick interfaces and digging into nuts and bolts operations, we’ll determine if this global top 5 crypto exchange can be trusted to custody assets and execute your trades smoothly from 2024 and beyond.

You’ll find realistic assessments beyond the hype – weighing pros, cons, and unknowns across factors that facilitate solid strategies like:

  • Securing your crypto accounts and assets with OKX safeguards
  • Actual trading fee structures and discount eligibility
  • Powerful yet easy-to-use trading features for everyday investors
  • Available altcoin selection relative to central competitors

Let the OKX cryptocurrency exchange review begin as we usher the exchange into legitimate accountability! Read on to reach your own conclusions.

What Is OKX?

OKX is a cryptocurrency exchange that provides a platform for buying, selling, and trading various digital assets. It was founded by technology entrepreneur Star Xu as OKEx before rebranding to OKX in 2022.

Headquartered in Seychelles, OKX is operated by OKX Group, which is part of the broader OK Group with a vision to promote the development of cryptocurrency exchanges. Under Xu’s vision as CEO, this leading global exchange already has more than 20 million users in over 100 countries.

Beyond popular offerings like spot and derivatives trading, OKX also enables digital asset managers and traders to maximize returns through services like staking, lending or automated trading bots. NFT creators and collectors have a marketplace to showcase artworks.

Committed to driving mainstream crypto adoption, OKX has been on an announcement spree with major partnerships. Most recently in 2022, they inked sponsorship deals with premier football club Manchester City FC worth over $70 million and with elite Formula 1 team McLaren Racing in a multiyear agreement spanning global events and exclusives.

The exchange also aims to provide the most intuitive experiences catering to every level of users. Whether you are a casual DCA trader or hedge fund manager, the OKX platform delivers tools to trade seamlessly across desktop or mobile apps.

But how easy and practical is OKX for everyday crypto traders? Let’s now discuss the user experience…

Ease of Use

OKX Crypto Exchange Review - Ease of Use

Navigating OKX’s sleek user interface is straightforward for both basic and advanced traders. The left sidebar makes finding key pages intuitive. Simple buying/selling is available on the spot exchange, while advanced traders can utilize the derivatives platforms and trading tools.

The sign-up process is quick by verifying just the email and phone number. Users in certain geographies like the United Kingdom, Mexico, Brazil, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, and Nigeria may require ID verification due to local regulations. Funding your account also takes minutes via credit card, crypto deposit, or wire transfer.

Perhaps most importantly, withdrawals are handled reliably. Crypto withdrawals, the primary concern, are processed within the same day. OKX has a few reported issues with withdrawal delays, building trust in their operations.

Traders can access OKX services seamlessly across desktop, and mobile apps (iOS and Android), and even API/algorithmic trading. This flexibility dramatically improves reach to global trader bases in 100+ countries supported.

Now that we’ve covered user experience, let’s examine key offerings…

Trading Options

When it comes to trading options, OKX leaves no stone unturned. You’ll find an extensive range of coins and tokens available for both spot trading and derivatives, including all the major names like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, SOL, DOT, ADA, USDT and hundreds more.

OKX Exchange Review - trade top 10 cryptocurrencies at OKX

Whether you are looking to trade top 10 cryptocurrencies or small-cap altcoins, OKX has you covered.

The exchange offers all the expected trading pairs with these coins too. You can trade with stablecoins like USDT or against other cryptos directly. Fiat trading pairs are also emerging selectively based on user geography and regulatory clearance – for example, BTC/USD and ETH/EUR pairs are now live for approved customers.

As an advanced trader, you will appreciate the full range of order types available to execute your trading strategies effectively. All the usual suspects are here – market, limit and stop-limit orders along with sophisticated derivatives orders. Rest assured you can implement complex risk management right on OKX no matter how advanced your trading activities get.

Liquidity and Volume

Now coming to arguably the most important aspect of any exchange – liquidity. OKX processes over $5 billion in daily trading volume across all coins consistently, cementing its status as a top 5 exchange globally.

The flagship BTC/USDT pair itself represents more than 50% of this stellar volume, demonstrating high liquidity where it matters most. Other major pairs are ETH, ADA, SOL, DOT with USDT representing the underlying exchange stablecoin against cryptos.

So, whether you are trading blocks or just dollar-cost-averaging, smooth order execution is ensured by this deep, stable liquidity.

Fees and Commissions

Talking about fees and commissions, OKX keeps costs low for traders with a straightforward structure. Spot trading fees follow a classic maker-taker model – pay just 0.045% as a market maker providing liquidity, or 0.40% as a taker removing liquidity. Even lower rates apply for higher volume traders.

Deposits and withdrawals do not have any fees for most crypto assets, though some network costs may apply. Fiat transfers have nominal fees attached in line with banking partners. Ultimately, costs are very competitive compared to other top exchanges.

Now let’s talk discounts! OKX offers multiple ways to reduce your fees further. Holding the OKX utility token in your account gives access to an attractive loyalty program with progressive discounts. The more tokens you hold, greater your VIP status and lower your trading fees – up to huge cuts like 90% off. VIP members also get perks like dedicated customer service, event/token sales access and more.


Now let’s talk security – arguably the most crucial aspect for crypto holders. OKX has implemented robust mechanisms to keep your funds ultra-secure. Mandatory 2-factor authentication and whitelisting functions provide the first layer, while the majority assets are held in cold storage. Only a small portion needed for active trading is kept in hot wallets.

Specific details of cold storage operations are not released publicly for security, but regular proof-of-reserves audits confirm holdings match liabilities. Features like DDoS protection, data encryption and more also add additional reliability.

When it comes to insurance, however, OKX has no insurance coverage against potential hacks or thefts. Very few exchanges offer full insurance given the complexity and costs involved. Regardless, OKX’s strong security like the multi-sig technology and encrypted offline storage prevent incidents to begin with. No major security breaches reported either historically, further cementing OKX as a safety-first exchange.

Customer Support

Getting good customer support can make or break your exchange experience. On this front, OKX provides users several convenient channels for assistance.

OKX Review - Customer Support and Self Service

Submitting support tickets through the portal is the default option. Expect a first response within 24 hours in most cases. Email and dedicated phone lines are available as well, published openly for VIP users.

For quicker resolutions, try the official OKX Telegram community with administrators linked directly from the site. While response times vary, aim for resolutions or workarounds well within a day.

To supplement user support, an extensive FAQ knowledge base answers common account, trading and technical questions. Topical video tutorials provide visual step-by-step guidance too.

Between decentralized Telegram assistance, thorough FAQs, and traditional contact options, most user issues can be effectively handled through OKX support. Ticket response times could improve but VIP traders get dedicated agents for prompt dedicated assistance.

Considering its large 20M+ user base, OKX maintains a reliable support infrastructure. As the exchange evolves features and onboard millions more, scaling up support capabilities will be an area to watch.

Reputation and Track Record

As one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide, OKX has built a strong reputation since 2017 across metrics.

Independent customer reviews highlight OKX’s security, performance, and fee structure as major pros for crypto trading. Users compliment the smooth mobile/web interfaces, extensive altcoin selection, and transparent volume reporting as well. Complaint volumes also seem relatively low for OKX’s size.

On the regulatory side, OKX holds several cryptocurrency exchange licenses including a Class 4 VFA license in Malta and crypto trading licenses in Estonia. They also adhere to evolving crypto regulations across Africa, Asia, EU, and other major markets by restricting derivatives products where required. They take legal compliance seriously by restricting derivatives trading for users in countries like the United States while staying engaged with evolving policies.

Technically, OKX has maintained near-perfect uptime over the past 2 years. System performance continues smoothly even during extreme crypto volatility or trading volumes. No major security breaches were reported either historically – a strong plus for risk management.

OKX Pros and Cons

When weighing any cryptocurrency exchange for your needs, you must evaluate both the positive factors along with limitations or downsides reported by users over time. For OKX, a few clear pros stand out as well as some persisting cons to consider:

Pros Cons
πŸ“ˆ High liquidity and trading volume ❌ Derivatives not offered in some countries
πŸ’² Low trading fees plus discounts πŸ”„ Customer support response times inconsistent
🌐 Extensive altcoins available πŸ›‘οΈ Insurance protections remain unclear
βš™οΈ Advanced trading features
πŸ” Safe platform and asset custody

As this table shows, OKX shines when it comes to elements like competitive fees, wide asset selection including smaller cap coins, and layered trading functionality suiting newer and experienced investors.

However, restricted derivatives access for many jurisdictions due to regulations can limit market opportunity. Support improvements and insurance coverage clarity for assets would also strengthen trust in OKX as user bases and volumes accelerate globally.

Overall, while areas needing polish persist, the robust capabilities and pioneering history position OKX as a recommendable exchange likely to innovate further in this new year.


After reviewing key strengths across OKX trading platforms, security, user experience, fee structure and more, one thing is clear – this exchange is safe and legit. Along with Binance and Bybit, OKX is well positioned as a top contender for any cryptocurrency trader in 2024.

The deep, stable liquidity allows smooth execution of trades even during high volatility. Top tier security foundations minimize risk of issues for your assets. A sleek UI packed with advanced charting & trading tools caters seamlessly to developing traders and institutions alike.

Yet OKX refuses to rest on its laurels with over 20 million current users. Exciting developments continue across earning yield via staking and lending, emerging spot/derivatives trading pairs with hot altcoins, options education and more.

So rather than wonder whether you should sign up, the real question is – what features will benefit your trading goals the most today?

Visit OKX now to create your free account in minutes. Then level up to active trader status to enjoy benefits like reduced fees, dedicated support and more. Cryptocurrency is only getting started – be ready to capture opportunities with the powerful yet easy-to-use OKX ecosystem.