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Trezor Safe 5 vs Trezor Model T? Which should you buy? By the time we're done with this comparison, you'll have a crystal-clear picture of which Trezor is the perfect match for your crypto lifestyle.

Are you struggling to choose between Trezor’s new Safe 5 and the old Model T?

I feel you. It’s tough when both options look solid, but I’m here to help clear things up. In this comparison, we’ll break down:

  • Design and build
  • Security features
  • Ease of use
  • Backup options
  • Pricing
  • And more

By the end, you’ll have a clear picture of which wallet fits your needs like a glove. No fluff, just the facts you need to make a smart choice.

Let’s get started.

Trezor Safe 5 vs Model T: Overview

Feature Buy Trezor Model T
Launch Year 2024 2018
Price $169 $149
Security EAL 6+ Secure Element No specific mention of Secure Element
Screen 1.54″ color touchscreen with Gorilla Glass 3 and haptic feedback 1.54″ color touchscreen
Backup Flexible options with seamless transition between standard and advanced backups Flexible options including Shamir backup
Design PMMA plastic, hidden-tilt effect, anodized aluminum backplates PC/ABS blend
Supported Coins 9000+ 9000+
Connectivity USB-C USB-C
Processor 160MHz ARM Cortex M33 180MHz ARM Cortex M4

Trezor Safe 5 vs Model T – Head-to-Head Comparison

User Interface

  1. Safe 5: 1.54″ color touchscreen (240×240 pixels), Gorilla Glass 3, haptic feedback (Trezor Touch), intuitive navigation.
  2. Model T: 1.54″ color touchscreen (240×240 pixels), smooth touch response, on-device transaction confirmation.

Security Features

  1. Safe 5:
    • NDA-free EAL 6+ Secure Element
    • PIN and passphrase protection (on-device entry)
    • Open-source security and design
    • Tamper-evident casing
  2. Model T:
    • PIN and passphrase protection (on-device entry)
    • Open-source security and design
    • No specific mention of Secure Element

Ease of Use for Beginners

  1. Safe 5:
    • Designed for user-friendliness
    • Tactile feedback aids navigation
    • Integrates with user-friendly desktop and mobile apps
  2. Model T:
    • Straightforward interface
    • Direct on-screen input reduces complexity
    • Established ecosystem with extensive guides and support

Device Compatibility

  1. Safe 5:
    • USB-C connection
    • Compatible with Trezor Suite (desktop/mobile)
    • Wide range of third-party services
  2. Model T:
    • USB-C connection
    • Compatible with Trezor Suite (desktop/mobile)
    • Broad third-party service support

Backup and Recovery Options

  1. Safe 5:
    • 12, 20, or 24-word wallet backup
    • Seamless transition from Standard Single-share to Advanced Multi-share Backup
    • Enhanced 20-word wallet backup standard
  2. Model T:
    • 12, 20, or 24-word wallet backup
    • Advanced Multi-share Backup (Shamir)
    • MicroSD card for encrypted storage (not for seed backup)

Performance and Speed

Transaction Signing Speed
  • Safe 5: Powered by a 160MHz embedded ARM processor (Cortex M33). While specific signing speeds aren’t provided, the modern processor suggests efficient performance.
  • Model T: Uses a 180 MHz embedded ARM processor (Cortex-M4). Again, no concrete signing speeds, but the processor indicates capable transaction handling.
Firmware Updates and Frequency

Both devices benefit from Trezor’s commitment to open-source development, which typically translates to regular firmware updates. However, specific update frequencies aren’t mentioned.

  • Safe 5: As the newer device, it’s likely to receive priority for updates and new features.
  • Model T: With its established presence, it has a track record of consistent firmware improvements.
Community Support and Resources
  • Safe 5:
    • Backed by Trezor’s decade-long experience in open-source security.
    • Integrated into the complete Trezor ecosystem with desktop and mobile apps.
    • Access to a wide array of third-party services.
    • Trezor Expert support
  • Model T:
    • Mature community with extensive documentation and user guides.
    • Broad third-party support.
    • Trezor Expert support

Supported Cryptocurrencies

  • Trezor Safe 5: 9000+ coins and tokens
  • Trezor Model T: 9000+ coins and tokens

Whether you’re into major players or niche altcoins, both the Safe 5 and Model T have got you covered.

Key Supported Coins:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Ripple (XRP)
  • Cardano (ADA)
  • And thousands more!

Pricing and Value

Cost Comparison
  • Safe 5: $169
  • Model T: $149

The Safe 5 comes at a $20 premium compared to the Model T.

Value for Money (Features per Dollar)

Safe 5 ($169):

  • Latest hardware with EAL 6+ Secure Element
  • Haptic feedback and Gorilla Glass 3
  • Enhanced 20-word backup standard
  • Roughly $0.019 per supported coin (9000+ coins)

Model T ($149):

  • Established reliability
  • Advanced Multi-share Backup (Shamir)
  • MicroSD card slot for encrypted storage
  • Approximately $0.017 per supported coin (9000+ coins)

Both devices present strong value propositions. The Safe 5 leans into cutting-edge hardware and security features, justifying its higher price tag for those who want the latest technology. The Model T, while slightly older, offers a compelling package at a lower cost, backed by years of refinement and community trust.

Trezor Safe 5 vs Model T – Which Should You Buy?

Both the Trezor Safe 5 and Model T are excellent choices for securing your digital assets. They share more similarities than differences, especially in core functionalities like supported currencies, open-source development, and integration with Trezor Suite. So here is my recommendations:

Why you should buy the Trezor Safe 5
    • You prioritize cutting-edge hardware security (EAL 6+ Secure Element).
    • The idea of haptic feedback and a highly durable screen appeals to you.
    • You’re new to crypto and want a device designed with beginners in mind.
    • Budget isn’t your primary concern, and you’re willing to invest in the latest tech.
Why you should buy the Trezor Model T
    • You value a proven track record and extensive community support.
    • Advanced features like Shamir backup are important to you.
    • You’re looking to save a bit without compromising on essential security.
    • You’re already familiar with Trezor’s ecosystem or other hardware wallets.

Both wallets excel in security, ease of use, and cryptocurrency support. The Safe 5, being the newer model, introduces some hardware improvements like the Secure Element and haptic feedback. The Model T, despite being slightly older, still offers top-notch features at a lower price point.

Your choice might come down to whether you prefer the latest technology (Safe 5) or a tried-and-true device with a slight price advantage (Model T). Both will serve you well in protecting your digital assets.

Still haven’t decided between the Trezor Safe 5 and Model T?

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Take Away

The Safe 5 represents Trezor’s vision for the future of hardware wallets, with its focus on enhanced usability and next-gen security features. The Model T, while slightly older, remains a formidable option, offering a comprehensive feature set at a competitive price point.

Ultimately, there’s no universally “best” choice. The right wallet for you aligns with your specific needs, preferences, and risk tolerance. Whichever you choose, both devices uphold Trezor’s commitment to top-tier security, putting you firmly in control of your cryptocurrency journey.