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Our impartial Ledger Stax review scrutinizes if the convenient crypto hardware wallet system merits trust for asset protection compared to traditional devices.

As cryptocurrencies and NFTs continue explosive growth, so do threats old and new to asset safety. Yet convenience demands keep users dangerously dependent on vulnerable software and custodial solutions. This widening security contradiction seems impossible to reconcile – until now.

Ledgerโ€™s ingenious new Stax, a state-of-the-art hardware wallet, emerges as a contender that combines security, innovation, and personalization to redefine how you interact with your crypto assets and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

In this 2024 Ledger Stax review, we’ll take a look at the features, advantages, and unique offerings of the new Ledger Stax, exploring how it shapes the future of crypto management and NFT integration.

Table of Contents

  • What is Ledger Stax?
  • Is the Ledger Stax wallet secure?
  • Ledger Stax cryptocurrency support
  • Customization
  • Tech specifications
  • Connectivity
  • Compatibility
  • Visual appeal
  • Ledger Stax NFT
  • What’s in the box?
  • Ledger Stax Price
  • Pros and cons of Ledger Stax wallet
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs

What is Ledger Stax?

What is Ledger Stax? Ledger Stax Review
Ledger Stax / Source: Ledger

Ledger Stax is a cutting-edge hardware wallet designed for seamless management of cryptocurrency and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

It features a revolutionary curved E Ink touchscreen for clear transaction review and signing.

With the ability to customize its appearance and lock screen with personal NFTs or photos, Ledger Stax offers a personalized touch.

The device prioritizes security through its Secure Element Chip, trusted by millions, and integrates seamlessly with Ethereum and Polygon NFTs.

It boasts compatibility with multiple cryptocurrencies, supports wireless charging and provides user-friendly experiences for both newcomers and experienced users in the crypto world.

Pros Cons
๐Ÿ‘ Enhanced Security with Secure Element Chip ๐Ÿ‘Ž Price โ€“ Might Be Cost-Prohibitive for Some
๐Ÿ‘ Customizable Lock Screen for Personalization ๐Ÿ‘Ž Learning Curve for Newcomers to Crypto
๐Ÿ‘ Curved E Ink Touchscreen for Clear Display ๐Ÿ‘Ž Limited Display Capability for Visual Elements
๐Ÿ‘ Seamless Wireless Charging ๐Ÿ‘Ž Possible Compatibility Issues with Some Devices
๐Ÿ‘ Support for 5000+ Coins and NFTs ๐Ÿ‘Ž Risk of Loss or Damage Leading to Access Loss
๐Ÿ‘ Compatibility with Various OS and Devices ๐Ÿ‘Ž Limited NFT Ecosystem Coverage for Other Blockchains
๐Ÿ‘ Integration of Ethereum and Polygon NFTs ๐Ÿ‘Ž Grayscale Display Might Not Appeal to Some
๐Ÿ‘ Inclusion of Recovery Sheet for Safety Net

Security – How Secure Is Ledger Stax?

Security is non-negotiable when it comes to cryptocurrencies, and Ledger Stax takes this aspect seriously.

Ledger Stax is powered by Ledger’s proprietary OS and the industry-leading Secure Element chip. Stax also conforms to the more moderate internationally recognized Common Criteria (CC) EAL6. This device ensures your crypto holdings remain safeguarded against potential threats.

With Ledger’s robust security features, you can confidently manage your assets without constantly worrying about vulnerabilities.

Crypto Support

With thousands of different cryptocurrencies and tokens existing, investors and enthusiasts require a secure and reliable solution that can cater to their expanding portfolios.

Meet Ledger Stax, the hardware wallet not only offering unparalleled security but also boasting support for over 5000 cryptocurrencies and tokens.

Ledger Stax’s backing of such a vast number of cryptocurrencies and tokens grants users accessibility and choice like never before.

Are you a Bitcoin or Ethereum advocate? Are you an investor exploring emerging altcoins’ potential? Ledger Stax ensures your digital assets remain at your fingertips.

This support eradicates the necessity for multiple wallets and devices. It streamlines your crypto management experience and provides a one-stop solution for all your holdings.


The personal touch matters, even in digital finance. Ledger Stax lets you customize its lock screen with your favorite NFT or photo.

Make it uniquely yours by giving it a name that resonates with you.

The always-on lock screen adds a touch of personality, even when Ledger Stax is powered off, ensuring it’s a device that reflects your style and preferences.

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Tech specifications

The Ledger Stax boasts a sleek aluminum and plastic finish, designed with embedded magnets for easy stackability.

Its elegant black color adds a touch of sophistication to your crypto setup.

The secure element chip (ST33K1M5) ensures the highest level of protection for your assets, certified with CC EAL5+.

Its built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, coupled with Qi wireless charging, promises convenience and longevity.


With Bluetooth 5.2ยฎ connectivity, Ledger Stax effortlessly syncs with your smartphone, enhancing your crypto management experience.

The USB-C port ensures compatibility with various devices, making it easy to integrate into your existing tech setup.


Whether you’re on Windows, macOS, iOS, or Android, Ledger Stax has you covered. It’s compatible with 64-bit desktop computers, providing a wide range of options for users.

While it offers ease of use across different platforms, it’s important to note that it’s not suitable for Chromebooks and mining activities.

Visual appeal

The 3.7-inch E Inkยฎ curved touchscreen is a visual marvel. With a resolution of 400×672 pixels and 16 scales of gray, it ensures a crisp and clear display.

Whether you’re signing transactions or admiring your NFTs, the E Inkยฎ touchscreen offers a seamless user experience.

Ledger Stax NFT

While NFTs have been making waves for some time now, Ledger Stax brings a fresh perspective and an enhanced experience to the world of digital collectibles.

Imagine a hardware wallet that not only secures your cryptocurrency holdings but also serves as an elegant gateway to your cherished NFTs.

Ledger Stax introduces a truly innovative approach to managing NFTs, offering an all-in-one solution for both crypto and digital art enthusiasts.

Ledger Stax’s NFT capabilities extend beyond Ethereum to encompass Polygon as well, making it a versatile platform for exploring a multitude of digital art ecosystems.

By integrating Ethereum and Polygon NFTs into the Ledger Live app, Ledger Stax ensures that you’re not confined to a single blockchain when it comes to showcasing your unique treasures.

What’s in the box?

Upon unboxing your Ledger Stax, you’ll find everything you need to get started:

  • 1 Ledger Stax Device: The star of the show, the Ledger Stax device itself, ready to become your trusted companion in managing your crypto assets and NFTs. Its sleek design and cutting-edge technology promise a new level of security and customization.
  • 1 USB-C to USB-C Cable: A vital accessory that facilitates connectivity between Ledger Stax and your devices. This cable ensures seamless communication, enabling you to manage and update your Ledger Stax effortlessly.
  • 1 Recovery Sheet: The importance of this sheet cannot be overstated. It’s your lifeline in case you encounter any unexpected challenges or need to recover your wallet. Safeguard it in a secure place, as it holds the key to restoring access to your assets.
  • Ledger Stax Guide: An essential companion to help you navigate the setup, customization, and usage of your Ledger Stax device.

Together, these components provide you with everything you need to embark on your Ledger Stax adventure.


Let’s talk about the price tag that comes with the new Ledger Stax and the incredible value it offers. Priced at US$279.00, this hardware wallet is an investment in the security and accessibility of your crypto assets.

Considering the features it brings to the table โ€“ from the innovative curved E Ink touchscreen to the cutting-edge security measures โ€“ the price is reflective of the uncompromising quality Ledger Stax offers.

For those in Nigeria, Ledger Stax is available for approximately 237,255.27 NGN, bringing this powerful hardware wallet to your fingertips.

What is the price of Ledger Stax in Nigeria?
Ledger Stax Price in Nigeria / Source: Ledger

The best part?

You don’t have to worry about additional shipping costs โ€“ free shipping is included, ensuring Ledger Stax arrives conveniently at your doorstep.

Ledger Stax Pros and cons


The new Ledger Stax wallet brings forth a range of advantages that set it apart in the world of crypto hardware wallets and NFT management.ย Here are some of the key benefits:

1. Curved E Ink Touchscreen: The inclusion of a curved E Ink touchscreen is a game-changer. This innovative feature enhances visibility, making it easier to review and sign transactions.

2. Customization: Ledger Stax doesn’t just store your crypto assets and NFTs; it lets you make it your own with the ability to customize the lock screen with your favorite NFT or photo, thus creating a sense of ownership.

3. Enhanced Security: Security is a cornerstone of Ledger’s devices, and Ledger Stax is no exception. With the Secure Element Chip (ST33K1M5) and CC EAL6+ certification, your private keys remain protected from potential threats.

4. Integration of NFTs: With support for Ethereum and Polygon NFTs, Ledger Stax transforms your hardware wallet into a canvas for your digital art collection, allowing you to appreciate and display your unique treasures.

5. Ease of Use: Ledger Stax’s user-friendly interface and compatibility with both desktop computers and smartphones make it accessible to a wide range of users.

6. Versatility: The wide range of supported cryptocurrencies and tokens ensures that you can manage various digital assets within a single device.

7. Qi Wireless Charging: Ledger Stax’s Qi wireless charging capability adds a layer of convenience. With the built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, you can ensure your device is always ready to use, eliminating the need for constant cable connections.

8. Mobility: The credit card-sized dimensions and lightweight design make Ledger Stax highly portable.

9. Industry-Leading Experience: With Ledger’s years of experience in the crypto security field, Ledger Stax benefits from a robust infrastructure that has been trusted by millions of users.

10. Seamless Migration: The ease of migration from other wallets or exchanges to Ledger Stax simplifies the process of securing your crypto holdings. With the Secret Recovery Phrase, you can regain access to your accounts without the fear of losing your funds.


But what are the downsides?

  1. Price: Ledger Stax, like other hardware wallets, comes with a high price tag. While the cost is justified by its security and features, it might be a barrier for those on a tight budget or new to the world of cryptocurrencies.
  2. Learning Curve: For newcomers to the crypto space, using a hardware wallet might come with a learning curve. Setting up, managing, and understanding all the features can be a bit overwhelming for individuals who are not tech-savvy.
  3. Limited Display Capability: While the curved E Ink touchscreen is innovative and offers a unique display experience, it might not be as visually appealing as a full-color screen. Some users might prefer a more vibrant display, especially when interacting with NFTs or visual elements.
  4. Possible Compatibility Issues: While Ledger Stax supports a range of devices and operating systems, there’s always a chance of encountering compatibility issues with certain setups. Users might need to ensure that their devices and software are up to date for smooth operation.
  5. Risk of Loss or Damage: As a physical device, Ledger Stax can be lost, stolen, or damaged. While the recovery sheet provides a safety net, losing the device before setting up the recovery process could lead to potential loss of access to your assets.
  6. Limited NFT Ecosystems: While Ledger Stax supports Ethereum and Polygon NFTs, it might not cover all NFT ecosystems that users are interested in. Some users might wish for broader NFT integration to cover other blockchain platforms.
  7. Limited Color Palette: The grayscale E Ink display, while functional, might not provide the aesthetic appeal that some users desire. Those who appreciate vibrant colors and intricate visual details might find the grayscale display limiting.

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To conclude this 2024 review, we’d like to say that the Ledger Stax presents a promising innovation that makes robust crypto asset security more accessible.

Between the enhanced personalization, curved touchscreen, wireless charging convenience, and core cryptography for protecting private keys, Ledger has leveraged their industry leadership into hardware with everyday usability.

For both investing newcomers and seasoned HODLers alike, the Ledger Stax modular wallet system furnishes indispensable protection. So why leave coins at undue risk?

At $279 paired with free shipping, investing in the versatile Ledger Stax grants diverse investors peace of mind in a decentralized world. Act now to secure the future of money in sleek cold storage through Ledgerโ€™s latest advancement.


  • Do I lose my crypto if I lose my Ledger Stax wallet?

Rest assured, your crypto is not lost. As long as you have your Secret Recovery Phrase safely stored, you can regain access to your accounts by using another Ledger Stax or any compatible Ledger device.

  • Why should I choose Ledger Stax over software wallets or exchanges?

Software wallets are vulnerable to online attacks, while exchanges require trusting third parties with your private keys. Ledger Stax ensures the highest level of security by storing your private keys offline on a Secure Element chip, giving you complete control over your assets.

  • Can someone steal my funds if they have access to my Ledger Stax crypto wallet?

Even if someone gains physical access to your Ledger Stax wallet, they won’t be able to access it without your PIN. After three incorrect PIN attempts, the device automatically resets to factory settings.

  • How do I transfer my funds to Ledger Stax?

Setting up Ledger Stax crypto wallet is the first step. From there, you can follow the provided tutorials to transfer your funds from exchanges or software wallets securely.