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OctaFX Review - Is OctaFX Legit or ScamΒ 

Finding a trustworthy forex broker can feel like navigating a minefield. With so many options and reviews that seem too good to be true, how do you know who to trust with your hard-earned money? That’s where OctaFX comes in.

OctaFX is an online forex and CFD broker. Their website promises trading on low spreads, fast execution, and reliable service. But I’ve been around this block before. Fancy promises don’t always deliver. So we needed to take a closer look to see if OctaFX could be trusted or if they were just blowing smoke.

OctaFX Review 2024

In this in-depth OctaFX review, we’ll take you through our own experience of opening an account with OctaFX. We’ll cover everything from their trading platforms, deposit and withdrawal methods, fees and commissions, customer service, and regulation. No shady details will be left in the dark.

By the end of this review, you’ll know exactly what to expect from OctaFX and whether or not they are a legit and reliable broker to trade with. We’ll even compare them to other top forex brokers so you can make an informed decision.

So buckle up! It’s time to take a deep dive into this 2024 OctaFX review. By the end, you’ll know for sure if they are a scam or an excellent choice for your currency trading needs. Let’s get started!

Company – What is Octa?

Can you believe Octa has only been around since 2011? Yep, this forex broker is still a spring chicken compared to some of the old dinosaurs in the industry. But in its short life, OctaFX has already made quite a name for itself.

The company was founded in 2011 by a team of fintech enthusiasts who wanted to make trading accessible for everyone. Their goal was to create an open and welcoming platform for newbies and experienced traders alike.

And it seems to have worked, because OctaFX now has over 21 million happy customers! 21 million! That’s more people than some small countries. The growing OctaFX community spans over 180 countries. Talk about impressive growth in 11 years.

With all those global customers, you might think OctaFX is headquartered in a major financial capital like London, New York or Tokyo. But its roots are actually in the island nation of Saint Lucia. The islands are known for beautiful beaches and low taxes.

But don’t think a Caribbean HQ has slowed down OctaFX’s progress. They’ve won 60 awards for their cutting edge trading platforms and stellar customer support. And they keep growing at a blazing pace year after year.

OctaFX Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
🌐 Regulated broker πŸ“‰ Limited CFD share offerings
πŸ“† 12+ years in business πŸ’° High minimum deposit for ECN account
πŸ† 50+ industry awards πŸ’³ Limited global payment options
πŸš€ Cutting edge trading platforms 🚫 No trading bonuses offered
πŸ’Ή Low spreads and commissions
πŸ‘ Excellent customer support
πŸ›‘ Negative balance protection
πŸ“š Education resources and community

Trust – Is Octa Safe?

OctaFX Review - Is OctaFX Legit?

With so many fly-by-night brokers out there, it’s normal to wonder – is OctaFX legit? Can I trust them with my hard-earned money? These were some of my first questions when I started researching OctaFX too.

After all, the forex world can definitely be shady, with scams and sketchy brokers giving the industry a bad name. Who can blame us for being cautious? As they say, fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!

But after digging into OctaFX extensively, I’m happy to report they do seem 100% legit and above board. Here’s a few reasons why:

First, they are properly licensed and regulated in their home country of Saint Lucia. This means they adhere to strict laws and oversight designed to protect traders. Big check in the “trust” column.

They also publish fully audited financial statements to prove their stability. You can see right there in black and white that their business is financially healthy.

Another great sign is all the prestigious industry awards OctaFX has won. These include recognition for their cutting-edge platforms, stellar customer support, low costs, and transparent operations. Scam brokers don’t take home trophies!

And I personally tested their customer service response times and was seriously impressed. Their team is friendly, fast, and really knows their stuff.

So based on the facts, we have zero hesitations about OctaFX’s legitimacy. Their responsible regulation, financial transparency, and stellar reputation convince me they deserve traders’ trust. In my book, OctaFX passes the “legit test” with flying colors!

Trading Platform

OctaFX Trading Platform

One of my favorite things about OctaFX is that you aren’t limited to just one trading platform. They give you options to suit different styles and levels of experience.

For beginners or casual traders like myself, they offer their own proprietary web-based platform called OctaFX WebTrader. I really like it because it’s simple and user friendly.

Everything is neatly organized and easy to access. It has all the tools I need as a novice – live currency rates, charts, technical indicators, and risk management features like stop losses. I can set up custom price alerts too so I always stay in the loop on market moves.

WebTrader also has a bunch of handy features for more advanced traders. I’m still getting the hang of tools like trading signals, market heat maps and strategy backtesting. It’s nice to know those capabilities are there when I’m ready for them!

Now for experts who swear by the industry standard MetaTrader platform, OctaFX has you covered there too. They offer both MT4 and the newer MT5 for desktop and mobile.

So all in all, OctaFX provides a good selection of platforms. Even though I stick to WebTrader for now, it’s nice knowing I can switch things up in the future as my skills improve. OctaFX caters to traders at every level – big reason why I happily recommend them!

Account Types

As a new trader, I know how overwhelming it can feel to pick the right account type. There are so many fancy names and features to consider! OctaFX keeps things simple by offering just 3 account options, Micro, Pro and ECN account.

For beginners, their Micro account is a great starting point. You can open one with just a $25 minimum deposit – one of the lowest in the industry! It allows you to trade on leverage while benefiting from competitive spreads.

Once you build up your confidence and capital, you can upgrade to OctaFX’s Pro account tier. The minimum deposit is $500 here but you get even tighter spreads starting from 0 pips. More value for your hard-earned money!

Experienced traders who do high volume can apply for OctaFX’s coveted ECN account. You get raw institutional spreads direct from liquidity providers. Minimum deposit is higher at $20k for this tier, but serious traders get the best value trading conditions.

I love how OctaFX keeps account options straightforward for us newbies. Other brokers overwhelm you with exotic account names and a dozen tiers! OctaFX’s Micro, Pro and ECN structure makes progressing up the ranks seamless as you gain experience. Open, fund and grow – a newbie-friendly approach I appreciate!

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Moving money in and out easily is a big priority for me as a trader. I don’t want to deal with a bunch of hassle when I’m ready to fund my account or take out my profits!

Luckily, OctaFX offers a decent set of deposit and withdrawal options.

For depositing funds, I mainly use my Visa card. It’s quick and easy – deposits are free and the money shows up in my account instantly. OctaFX also accepts Mastercard, Maestro, and UnionPay cards.

I was happy to see they support Skrill and Neteller too. Those are handy e-wallet options many traders like myself rely on.

OctaFX also allows bank transfers, though I find cards faster. And they take some other local payment methods in specific countries – always good to have flexibility!

When it comes time to withdraw my trading gains, I can take the funds out the same way I deposited. So card, e-wallet, or bank transfer. The process is smooth and OctaFX doesn’t charge withdrawal fees, which is awesome.

My only wish is that OctaFX offered PayPal withdrawals globally. Right now that option is limited based on your country. But overall, I’m satisfied with the payment flexibility OctaFX provides. Funding and withdrawing is quick and free across the methods I use regularly.


As a newbie trader, I was super eager to jump into crypto! All the hype around Bitcoin and altcoins made me curious to explore trading beyond just forex and stocks. Luckily, OctaFX offers a decent selection of top cryptocurrencies so I could dive right in.

Currently, you can trade these 6 major cryptos as CFDs on OctaFX’s platforms:

  • Bitcoin (BTC) – The OG crypto! Had to start with the king of crypto itself.
  • Ethereum (ETH) – My second crypto purchase – love the potential of Ethereum’s blockchain.
  • Litecoin (LTC) – One of the earlier altcoins with fast transaction times.
  • Ripple (XRP) – Intrigued by its use case for banks and payment firms.
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH) – The popular Bitcoin fork known for low fees.
  • Cardano (ADA) – My small punt on this well-known smart contract platform.

Trading crypto CFDs allows me to speculate on price movements without actually owning the coins. While some very established cryptos like BTC and ETH are offered, I do wish OctaFX covered more altcoins. But it’s a solid starter mix for me to gain experience trading top cryptos!

And unlike holding coins in a wallet, my crypto CFD trades aren’t at risk from hacking, lost keys or forgotten passwords. Trading through my broker keeps things simple while I learn.

While I may explore owning and storing crypto in the future, right now I’m happy trade CFDs on OctaFX and get my feet wet in this exciting new market! It’s been an awesome first step into crypto as a trading newbie.


As a new trader, I’m always keen to keep my costs down while I’m learning the ropes. Excess fees can really eat into your trading capital when you’re just starting out.

Luckily, OctaFX stands out for keeping their fees and commissions competitive across all their different account types.

For stock and ETF CFDs, there are zero commissions! You only pay the built-in spread, which starts from 0.9 points on certain stocks. Very fair pricing in my opinion.

On forex, precious metals and indices, there are also no commissions. Just super tight spreads starting from 0 pips on certain currency pairs and indices.

The all-inclusive spreads make calculating costs simple. I don’t have to worry about surprise fees jumping out at me!

One thing to note – OctaFX’s ECN account does charge a small $6/lot commission to offset the even lower institutional spreads they provide. But ECN is aimed at high volume pros who expect that.

Overall, OctaFX’s transparent fee structure and competitive all-inclusive spreads make them a very budget friendly choice in my experience. As a new trader, I really appreciate that!

Customer Support

OctaFX Review - Customer Support

As a new trader, I had a ton of basic questions when I first signed up with OctaFX. Funding my account, using the trading platforms, you name it – I was lost!

Luckily, OctaFX has an awesome customer support team that’s been super patient and helpful with all my newbie issues. Getting in touch with OctaFX’s customer support is quite simple. They offer several options to make your life easier:

  1. Live Chat: This is often the quickest and most convenient way. You can chat with a real person in real-time. Just go to their website and look for the live chat feature.
  2. Email: If you prefer a more detailed or documented conversation, you can shoot them an email. They usually respond promptly, and you can find their email address on their website.
  3. Phone: OctaFX provides phone support as well. They have different phone numbers for various regions, so you can choose the one that’s most suitable for you. Again, you’ll find these contact details on their website.
  4. Social Media: In this digital age, many companies are active on social media platforms. You can try reaching out to OctaFX through their official social media accounts.

I mainly use their 24/7 live chat if I need assistance. There’s always a friendly agent ready to answer my questions, no matter what time of day it is! The chat box pops up instantly on their website – no waiting or hunting around to get help.

The OctaFX team is very knowledgeable about forex and all the technical aspects of trading. But they always take the time to explain things in simple terms I understand. I never feel talked down to.

I also like OctaFX’s detailed help articles and video tutorials if I need to self-serve information. But it’s nice knowing real human help is just a chat message away whenever I have a pressing question or concern.

Overall, OctaFX’s customer support has been a lifesaver for me as a total beginner. Their friendly, responsive service makes me feel valued as a trader. Huge kudos to their awesome support team!

Regulation – Is Octa Regulated?

Regulation is a big deal when it comes to choosing a forex broker. The last thing you want is to deposit funds with some unlicensed fly-by-night company! That’s a recipe for waking up one day to find all your money gone. No thank you!

That’s why I’m pleased to share that OctaFX is indeed regulated. They are officially authorized and monitored by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).

Now you may be wondering…who exactly are the CySEC? I’ll admit, I had to look them up too when researching OctaFX.

Turns out the CySEC is the independent regulatory body responsible for financial oversight in Cyprus. They make sure companies like OctaFX adhere to strict rules and treat customers fairly.

The CySEC requires brokers to keep client funds securely segregated, maintain sufficient capital, submit regular financial reporting, process withdrawals timely, and follow ethical trading practices.

And OctaFX checks all those boxes. By being regulated, they have to meet the CySEC’s high standards.

It also means traders have recourse if any issues ever did arise. But so far throughout their 12+ years in business, OctaFX has maintained an impeccable reputation.

So regulation definitely brings peace of mind. While not a household name, I’m comfortable with the CySEC keeping a close eye on OctaFX. Their oversight helps ensure OctaFX operates responsibly as a licensed forex broker.

Visit OctaFX β†’

OctaFX vs. FXTM vs Exness

Factors OctaFX FXTM Exness
Spreads on Major Currency Pairs As low as 0.4 pips Typically higher Typically higher
Commissions None Starts from $0.40 to $2 $0.1
Trading Platforms cTrader platform MT4 platform Exness Terminal
Account Types & Minimum Deposit Micro Account ($25) Cent Account ($10) Standard Cent ($10)
Regulation CySEC CySEC, FSC, and FCA FCA
Customer Service Excellent 24/5 support Good customer service Not as praised

When comparing OctaFX to FXTM and Exness, there are a few key factors I looked at to determine which broker might be best for beginner traders.

Fees and commissions

Let’s start with fees and commissions, because no one wants to get nickeled and dimed, especially when you’re just starting out. OctaFX offers spreads as low as 0.4 pips on major currency pairs. That’s lower than both FXTM and Exness typical spread offerings. OctaFX also doesn’t charge any commissions, while FXTM and Exness both charge a small commission fee per trade on top of spreads. So OctaFX is looking cheaper so far.

Trading platforms

Now for trading platforms – this is really important for newbies. You want a platform that’s easy to use but also has the tools you need. OctaFX’s cTrader platform is great – customizable layouts, technical analysis tools, and automated trading options. FXTM’s MT4 platform is also good, but Exness’s platform felt a bit overwhelming for my taste as a beginner.

Account types and minimum deposits

When it comes to account types and minimum deposits, OctaFX wins again in my opinion. You can open a Micro Account with just a $100 deposit with OctaFX. Exness has a higher minimum deposit of $200, while FXTM requires a bigger investment of $500 minimum to open an account. So OctaFX make it easy to start small.

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Regulation and safety

Regulation and safety of funds are big for me too. All three brokers have good global regulation – OctaFX is regulated in Cyprus, FXTM is regulated in Cyprus and Mauritius, and Exness is regulated in the UK. So no major differences there for beginners.

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Β Customer service

Finally, customer service. You want to know someone has your back when you’re getting started. OctaFX really shines here. Their 24/5 customer support is the best I experienced. Quick chat and call responses and super helpful agents.

So all in all, while FXTM and Exness are solid brokers, OctaFX comes out ahead in my book for beginner traders based on lower fees, easy account setup, and great customer service. The choice comes down to your needs, but hopefully, this gives you some things to consider!

OctaFX Review – Conclusion

Now, to conclude this OctaFX review, we’d like to say that this broker is a solid choice for traders in the UK, Nigeria, Malaysia, Indonesia, and beyond.

With its user-friendly platform, competitive spreads, and a range of educational resources, it caters to both beginners and experienced traders. The OctaFX Copy Trading feature simplifies the journey for those looking to follow in the footsteps of successful traders.

What truly sets OctaFX apart is its commitment to customer service. The responsive and knowledgeable support team is available around the clock, ensuring that traders are never left in the dark.

While no trading platform is without flaws, OctaFX’s dedication to providing a seamless trading experience and comprehensive support makes it a reliable choice for anyone looking to dive into the world of forex and CFD trading. So, if you’re on the lookout for a reputable forex broker, give OctaFX a serious look – they might just be the partner you’ve been searching for. Happy trading!