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Trezor Model One Review

Hey there, crypto Xploras!

If you’re here, chances are you’re looking to level up your digital asset security game. Well, you’re in the right place because today, we’re reviewing Trezor Model One.

In a world filled with digital threats and cyber pirates, Trezor Model One shines as a beacon of security, privacy, and simplicity in the realm of cryptocurrencies.

What is Trezor Model One?

Let’s break it down. Trezor Model One is a hardware wallet, which means it’s a physical device specially designed to safeguard your digital coins. It’s like your personal vault, but it fits right in your pocket. So, whether you’re a seasoned crypto pro or just starting out, this little gadget can help keep your precious assets safe from digital threats.

Now, you might be wondering, “Why do I need a hardware wallet in the first place?”

Well, it all comes down to security. You see, while online exchanges and software wallets are convenient, they’re also vulnerable to hacks, malware, and phishing attacks. Hardware wallets like Trezor Model One, Trezor Model T, and the latest Trezor Safe 3, on the other hand, store your crypto offline, away from prying eyes and sneaky hackers.

Think of it as your secret treasure chest hidden deep in a digital ocean. It’s the difference between leaving your gold coins out in the open versus locking them in a steel vault. Trezor Model One adds an extra layer of defense to your digital assets, making it an invaluable tool in the world of cryptocurrency.

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Key Features of Trezor Model One

What makes this little device stand out from the crowd? Let’s talk about the key features of the Trezor Model One that make it a top choice for securing your digital assets.

Security Setup

  1. Physical Confirmation Requirement: One of the standout features of Trezor Model One is the need for physical confirmation. To make any transaction, you have to physically press a button on the device. This means that even if a hacker gains access to your computer, they can’t just waltz in and empty your wallet. You get the final say, and that’s a comforting thought.
  2. PIN and Passphrase Protection: Your Trezor Model One is locked down with a PIN code that only you know. Plus, you can add an extra layer of security with a passphrase. It’s like having a double-locked safe for your cryptocurrencies. Your assets are as safe as your secret codes.

Trezor Model One Review - Key Features

Offline Coin Security

With your Trezor Model One, your coins stay offline, disconnected from the internet. This means they’re safe from the prying eyes of online threats. It’s like keeping your cash in a real-world safe, instead of waving it around in a digital marketplace.

User-Friendly Design

  1. Two-Button Pad: Trezor Model One is designed with simplicity in mind. It has just two buttons that make navigation a breeze. No complicated menus or tricky settings here. It’s so user-friendly that even your grandma could use it.
  2. Monochromatic OLED Display: The monochromatic OLED display may be simple, but it’s all you need to verify your transactions and wallet addresses. It’s clear, it’s easy to read, and it doesn’t drain your device’s battery. Perfect for a quick check before hitting that confirm button.
  3. Compact Size: This hardware wallet is compact and portable, making it convenient to carry around. Whether you’re traveling or just heading to a coffee shop to trade some crypto, it’s easy to bring along without drawing too much attention.

Open-Source & Transparent

Transparency is key when it comes to digital security. Trezor Model One operates on open-source software, which means experts worldwide can review and audit the code to ensure it’s rock-solid. Your peace of mind is backed by the best in the field.

Privacy Features

  1. Coinjoin for Going Incognito: Trezor Model One has features like Coinjoin that allow you to mix your transactions with others, enhancing your privacy. It’s like wearing a disguise in the digital world, making it harder for anyone to trace your financial moves.
  2. Coin Control for Enhanced Privacy: Coin Control gives you full control over your transactions. You get to choose which coins to use for payments, so you can maintain a high level of privacy and avoid revealing your entire wallet balance with each transaction.
  3. Tor Integration for Identity Protection: The integration with Tor helps you maintain your online anonymity. It routes your connection through a network of volunteer-run servers, making it harder for anyone to trace your digital footprint.

Backup & Recovery

  1. Standard Backup: Trezor Model One has a simple backup process, making sure you never lose access to your crypto assets. Just follow the instructions to create a backup and keep it safe. It’s like having a spare key to your vault.
  2. 12- or 24-Word Recovery Seed: In case of emergencies, your recovery seed is your lifeline. You’ll be given a list of 12 or 24 words during the initial setup, which acts as the master key to restore your wallet. Guard these words like your most precious possession.

Two-Factor Authentication for Added Security

Trezor Model One supports two-factor authentication, adding an extra layer of defense to your wallet. It’s like having a bouncer at the entrance to your vault, ensuring that only you can access your assets.

Product Details

The Trezor Model One doesn’t just protect your cryptocurrencies; it’s also a well-crafted device with attention to detail in its design and build.

Size & Weight

One of the first things you’ll notice about the Trezor Model One is its compact and lightweight design. It’s sleek and easy to handle, fitting comfortably in the palm of your hand. The dimensions are just right – not too big, not too small. It’s a perfect size to carry around in your pocket or store in a safe place. At just about 60 grams, it’s feather-light, making it easy to transport without weighing you down. This sleek design is perfect for those who value portability and convenience.

What’s in the Box?

Now, let’s talk about what’s inside the box when you get your hands on a Trezor Model One. It’s like unwrapping a gift that keeps your digital assets safe.

Trezor Model One Review - What's in the Box

In the package, you’ll find the Trezor Model One device itself, a USB cable for connecting it to your computer or smartphone, a couple of recovery seed cards (more on these later), and some stickers with the Trezor logo. Everything is neatly packed and presented, making it easy to get started with your new wallet.

Operating Temperature Range

Have you ever wondered about the extreme temperatures your Trezor Model One can handle? Well, it’s built to withstand a wide range of operating temperatures. Whether you’re in the scorching heat of summer or the freezing cold of winter, your Trezor will keep your crypto safe. It’s designed to work flawlessly between -20°C to +60°C (-4°F to 140°F). So no matter where you are, your Trezor’s got your back.

CPU Specifications

Under the hood, the Trezor Model One is powered by a reliable and secure microcontroller unit (MCU). While we won’t get too technical, it’s important to know that this MCU is well-regarded for its performance and security features. It helps protect your cryptocurrency by securely storing your private keys, making sure they never leave the device.

Safety & Certifications

This is where the Trezor Model One really shines. It’s packed with safety features and certifications to give you peace of mind.

  1. CE and RoHS Certification

When it comes to the safety of your investments, certifications matter. The Trezor Model One is proudly CE and RoHS certified. CE certification signifies that the product complies with European Union regulations, ensuring its safety and quality. RoHS certification, on the other hand, indicates that it’s free from hazardous substances like lead and mercury. These certifications give you peace of mind, knowing that the Trezor Model One meets rigorous safety standards.

  1. X-Ray Safety for Air Travel

Traveling with your Trezor? No worries there either! The Model One is designed to pass through airport X-ray scanners without any hiccups. You won’t have to take it out of your bag or worry about it causing any disruptions during your travels. It’s one less thing to stress about when you’re on the move.

Material Quality

Now, let’s talk about the physical build of the Trezor Model One.

  1. Durable Casing

The Trezor Model One is encased in a durable, high-quality material that not only feels sturdy but also looks sleek. Its robust construction gives you confidence that it can withstand the wear and tear of daily life. You won’t have to worry about it falling apart or getting damaged easily, even with regular use.

  1. Button Construction

The buttons on the Trezor Model One are firm and responsive, giving you a tactile and reassuring experience when interacting with the device. They’re designed to stand the test of time, ensuring you can access your cryptocurrency securely for years to come.

  1. OLED Screen Quality

The OLED screen on the Trezor Model One is sharp and clear, making it easy to read and confirm your transactions. It provides a vivid display that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Whether you’re checking your balance or confirming a payment, the high-quality screen ensures you can do it with ease.

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of Trezor Model One

Pros and cons are always crucial in any review. So let’s break it down for you, keeping it simple and straightforward, like a good friend giving you advice:

Pros Cons
Security: Your assets are safe and sound, well-protected from online threats. Basic Design: It might not be the most visually appealing hardware wallet out there, but it gets the job done.
User-Friendly: Even if you’re not a tech whiz, the Model One is pretty easy to set up and use. No Touchscreen: If you’re into touchscreen interfaces, you might miss that feature here.
Reputation: Trezor has a strong track record for security, and that’s a big plus when it comes to your hard-earned crypto. Not the Newest: It’s not the latest model, but it’s still reliable.
Open-Source: Being open-source means that the community constantly scrutinizes and improves it.

Trezor Model One boasts exceptional security features and a user-friendly design. It’s compact and open-source, contributing to its trustworthy reputation. However, it might not be for those who prefer fancy color screens like those of its newer siblings, the Trezor Model T and the latest Trezor Safe 3.

Supported Coins

So, which coins can you store safely with this little device?

The Trezor Model One supports 8,000 cryptocurrencies and tokens, including the big players like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Whether you’re into the well-known cryptos or exploring some lesser-known gems, you’re in good hands with Trezor Model One.

This means you can keep all your eggs in one basket, so to speak, without worrying about compatibility. It’s a fantastic way to manage your entire crypto portfolio without juggling multiple wallets.

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The big question, right? What’s the cost and is it worth it? Let’s discuss.

The Model One comes in at $69, which, in the world of hardware wallets, is somewhere in the middle. It’s not the most budget-friendly, but it’s not the most expensive either. Think of it as the Goldilocks of hardware wallets, not too cheap, not too pricey.

So, is it worth your hard-earned cash? Well, it depends on your priorities. If you’re all about security, it’s a worthy investment. Trezor has a solid reputation for keeping your assets safe, and that’s priceless in the world of crypto.

But if you’re looking for a wallet with fancy features and all the latest bells and whistles, you might feel a tad disappointed. The Model One is like your dependable old car; it might not have all the modern gadgets, but it will get you where you need to go safely.

However, if you’re a seasoned crypto pro and need more features or extra storage, you might want to explore other models in the Trezor lineup.

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Where to Buy Trezor Model One

Alright, you’re ready to get your hands on a Trezor Model One. Let’s explore your options.

You can buy the Trezor Model One directly from their official website. This is often the most secure option, ensuring that you get a genuine product and excellent customer support.

If you prefer other channels, you’ll find the Trezor Model One on authorized retail websites and online marketplaces like Amazon. Just make sure to buy from reputable sellers to avoid counterfeit products.


It’s always a good idea to hear from the community and experts before making a decision. So what are they saying?

Users around the world have shown immense satisfaction with the Trezor Model One. They praise its robust security, ease of use, and wide coin support. Many users highlight how it brings peace of mind, knowing their crypto assets are in safe hands. Some have even shared stories of recovering lost wallets thanks to Trezor’s backup features.

What is more, experts in the field consistently rate the Trezor Model One highly. They commend its open-source nature, strong security features, and its reputation as a pioneer in the hardware wallet industry. The wallet’s simplicity, coupled with top-notch encryption, ensures your assets are in good hands.


We’re almost there, time to wrap up the Trezor Model One review!

In a nutshell, the Trezor Model One is a reliable, secure, and user-friendly hardware wallet that supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies. It’s not the fanciest option on the market, but it’s an affordable and trustworthy choice for those starting their crypto journey.

In the end, it’s all about what aligns with your crypto security needs and budget. The Trezor Model One is a solid option for beginners and anyone seeking a cost-effective hardware wallet. Don’t rush your decision; take your time, do your research, and choose what suits you best. Crypto security is not something to take lightly, so make your choice wisely.

Happy hodling!


What is Trezor?

Trezor is a hardware wallet designed to securely store your cryptocurrency assets. It’s a small, portable device that ensures the private keys to your digital currencies are kept offline, away from potential threats. Trezor is known for its strong security features and user-friendly interface, making it a popular choice for individuals looking to protect their crypto investments.

Who Owns Trezor?

Trezor is developed and manufactured by a company called SatoshiLabs. It was founded in 2013 by Marek “Slush” Palatinus, who is a well-respected figure in the cryptocurrency community. SatoshiLabs is a trusted name in the crypto world, and they continue to lead the way in hardware wallet innovation.

What Coins Does Trezor Support?

Trezor supports 8,000 cryptocurrencies and tokens, including popular ones like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.  You can check the official Trezor website for a comprehensive list of supported coins to ensure your specific digital assets are compatible with the wallet.

Where to Buy Trezor Wallet?

You can purchase a Trezor wallet from the official Trezor website for the most secure and reliable buying experience.

What Happens If I Lose My Trezor?

Losing your Trezor is a serious concern, as it contains the keys to your cryptocurrency. However, there’s no need to panic. When you set up your Trezor, you’ll create a recovery seed, a series of words. If you lose your Trezor, you can use this seed to recover your wallet and access your funds. It’s crucial to keep this recovery seed in a safe and separate location from your Trezor to ensure you can always regain access to your assets. If you lose both your Trezor and recovery seed, it might be very difficult or even impossible to recover your cryptocurrency. So, safeguard your seed as if it were your most valuable possession.