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Ngrave Zero vs Trezor Safe 3 - Head-to-head bout between Ngrave's luxury cold storage fortress and Trezor Safe 3 bringing hardware walls to the cryptocurrency masses.

As cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum go mainstream, properly securing digital assets grows paramount for investors. Hardware wallets like the Ngrave Zero and Trezor Safe 3 provide offline protection and critical security features that software wallets lack.

Hardware wallets empower users to fully control private keys in a user’s possession, safeguarded from online threats like hacking or theft. For an asset class underpinned by financial security, they represent a core defensive layer.

Both Ngrave and Trezor stand at the forefront of driving hardware wallet innovations. Ngrave burst onto the scene in 2019, pioneering radically secure designs like the Zero’s patented offline key generation. Trezor originated the very first hardware wallets back in 2014, setting lengthy standards across the industry.

This review will compare the leading Ngrave Zero wallet against Trezor’s latest flagship Safe 3 model on essential criteria like security, backup features, authentication methods, and more. Both represent excellent choices for security-focused users.

Ngrave Zero vs Trezor Safe 3 Quick Comparison

Here’s an at-a-glance visual comparison between the Ngrave Zero and Trezor’s latest Safe 3 on key metrics:

Specs Ngrave Zero Trezor Safe 3
🛡️ Security EAL7 Certified OS EAL6+ certified chip
🪙 Assets 3,500+ Coins/Tokens 8,000+ Coins/Tokens
💵 Price $379 $79
🏋️‍♂️ Durability Aircraft Aluminum Plastic/PMMA
🔐 Authentication Fingerprint Biometrics PIN Code

Now let’s do full nitty-gritty differences between these two excellent hardware wallet options. Onwards!

Key Differences

Construction and Durability

The Ngrave Zero stands out for its industrial-grade durable aluminum metal casing, enabling resilience against drops, shocks or accidents that can damage electronics. This aircraft-grade aluminum housing provides peace of mind that the Ngrave Zero can withstand some bumps and bruises while protecting precious crypto.

By contrast, the Trezor Safe 3 uses a plastic/PMMA casing. While reasonably robust, plastic is inherently less durable against impacts like drops versus metal constructions. However, Trezor’s sleek design stays featherlight.

When it comes to liquids, the Ngrave Zero again wins out with IP68 certification making it fully dust and waterproof. If accidentally dropped in a pool, its contents stay safely dry inside. The Trezor however lacks waterproofing.

Supported Assets

The Trezor Safe 3 supports over 8,000 different crypto coins and tokens – one of the most in the industry. So owners can securely transact with a vast variety of digital asset types.

Zero vs Safe 3 - Supported Coins and tokens
Safe 3 Supported Coins and tokens. Source: Trezor

Meanwhile, the Ngrave Zero supports most major cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Solana, etc while lacking support for more obscure altcoins. With over 3500 coins supported, functionality covers typical needs.

Security Features

The Ngrave Zero security starts with its radically offline design – no keys or sensitive data ever touch an online device. Its proprietary operating system also meets stringent EAL7 certification, the highest security validation level achievable for software resilience against sophisticated attacks.

The Trezor Safe 3 fights back with its embedded Secure Element, an EAL6+ certified chip providing hardware-level protections for cryptographic operations and private key storage. So owners benefit from advanced silicon security.

Both devices also allow multi-factor authentication, with the Ngrave Zero featuring biometric fingerprint login for enhanced ease-of-use. And randomized pin layouts prevent pin observation attacks.

Backup Types

Innovative backup stands as a key pillar of the Ngrave value proposition. Its bundled Graphene solution provides stainless steel seed key backups, literally protecting against fires up to 2700°F. This ultra-resilient backup stays readable even in flooding or other extreme disasters where paper can disintegrate.

Graphene is the ultimate backup for your Perfect Key. It is made of high quality stainless steel that withstands extreme temperatures, water, corrosion and shocks.
Graphene is made of high quality stainless steel that withstands extreme temperatures, water, corrosion, and shocks. Source: Ngrave

The Trezor Safe 3 allows both 12 and 24-word standard recovery seeds. Users can encode seeds into provided recovery cards made of durable materials designed to resist degradation over decades. For added protection, Shamir Secret Sharing splits the seed into multiple segments across trusted parties.

Both support effective means of backing up wallet credentials and restoration in disaster scenarios. Ngrave solves for physical resilience while Trezor offers cryptographic protection.

Biometric Authentication

The Ngrave Zero stands out as the only major hardware wallet integrating biometric fingerprint authentication. Users can log in, unlock and authorize transactions using a registered fingerprint scanned on the device itself – no laptop or mobile phone is required. This improves simplicity while binding access control directly to user identity.

By contrast, the Trezor Safe 3 currently lacks any integrated biometrics features. Owners must utilize PIN codes and recovery passwords when authenticating and sending transactions. However, mobile compatibility does allow the use of a phone’s fingerprint scanner for login.

What’s in the Box?

Ngrave Zero box includes:

  • Zero Hardware Wallet
  • Zero USB-C Cable
Ngrave Zero vs Trezor Safe 3 -What's in the box
Out of the box, Ngrave Zero buyers gets the Zero hardware wallet itself and a charging cable. Source: Ngrave

Trezor Safe 3 package includes:

  • Trezor Safe 3 hardware wallet
  • USB-C cable
  • 2x Recovery seed card
  • Start-up guide
  • Trezor stickers
  • Safety & certifications


Given its cutting edge offline components and included Graphene steel backup, the Ngrave Zero does command a premium at approximately $379 USD retail pricing. This positions it as a luxury choice catered towards prioritizing best-in-class security no matter the cost.

Conversely, Trezor designed the Safe 3 first and foremost for accessibility and mainstream adoption – reflected by its far lower $79 USD price tag. By eschewing some advanced functionality in service of cost savings, the Safe 3 democratizes core hardware wallet security on a budget.

So while both provide robust protection, the four-fold price difference proves substantial depending on budget constraints. Ngrave appeals to enthusiasts while Trezor targets everyday investors.

If you’re still debating between Zero and Safe, be sure to also read our in-depth showdown between the Ngrave Zero vs Trezor Model T.

Conclusion: Ngrave Zero vs Trezor Safe 3 – Which Should You Buy?

Both the Ngrave Zero and Trezor Safe 3 represent excellent hardware wallets for security-focused cryptocurrency users. Each brings unique strengths catering to different priorities.

The Ngrave Zero obsesses purely over locking down Bitcoin and Ethereum digital gold through innovative offline-first cryptographic protections and resilient construction. Its costlier $379 price tag pays for premium materials and defense-grade security.

Contrast this to the Trezor Safe 3, which democratizes solid hardware wallet security for only $79. Budget-conscious consumers gain core functionality like encrypted recovery seeds and secure chips cost-effectively. Just expect fewer bells and whistles versus the luxury Ngrave alternative.

Ultimately no “wrong” choice between these two category leaders.


You should strongly consider the Ngrave Zero to guard their digital currencies if you need uncompromising security assurances for the long term. The specialized offline design and included disaster-proof steel backup offer paramount peace of mind.

On the other hand, novice cryptocurrency adopters or those managing more diversified portfolios will find the Trezor Safe 3 strikes an ideal balance of hardened protections for less upfront cost. While skipping some advanced features, it brings the vital foundations of hardware wallet security to the mainstream.

If still undecided between ZERO and Safe 3 wallets, be sure to browse our lengthy comparison between Ngrave Zero vs Trezor Model One.


  • Which wallet supports more cryptocurrency assets?

The Trezor Safe 3 supports over 8,000 coins and tokens, while the Ngrave Zero supports major coins like BTC, ETH and about 3,500 assets.

  • Can both devices function offline without internet connectivity?

Yes, both the Zero and Safe 3 can fully work offline to generate keys, sign transactions and check balances.

  • Do the devices have different authentication mechanisms?

Yes, the Ngrave Zero features integrated fingerprint biometric authentication, while the Trezor Safe 3 relies on PIN codes.

  • What backup types come bundled with each wallet?

The Ngrave Zero ships standard with a disaster-proof Graphene stainless steel seed backup. Trezor Safe 3 offers 12/24 word paper and microSD card backups.

  • Which device has the higher security certification level?

The Ngrave Zero’s operating system meets the more stringent EAL7 software security certification standard.