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Ngrave Zero vs Trezor Model T - Head-to-head examination of two top-tier hardware wallets for cryptocurrency investment protection in 2024.

Hardware wallets provide crucial security for cryptocurrency investors. By storing private keys offline, they protect against the threats inherent in storing crypto on internet-connected devices.

As the cryptocurrency market expands, top hardware wallet makers offer innovative new products. Two leading new devices are the Ngrave Zero and Trezor Model T.

Ngrave Zero vs Trezor Model T Quick Comparison

At a glance, here is how the two heavyweight market leaders compare across key factors:

Specs Ngrave Zero Trezor Model T
Hardware Construction Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Plastic Casing
IP/Liquid Resistance IP68 Dust/Water Proof None
Supported Assets 3,500+ Coins/Tokens 8,000+ Coins/Tokens
Security EAL7 OS, Rand. PIN Layout Battle Tested Record
Screen Type Large Colour LCD Touch Screen Monochrome LCD Touch Screen
Price $379 USD $179 USD

As we’ll explore throughout this comprehensive review, each device brings unique strengths to the table. Now let’s dive deeper into the comparison of Ngrave Zero vs Trezor Model T.

Key Differences

Design and durability

Given their security role protecting users’ valuable crypto assets, the durability and reliability of a hardware wallet’s design is crucial. The two most popular options on the market, the Ngrave Zero and Trezor Model T, take diverging approaches here:


Constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum, the Ngrave Zero features a robust, metal-cased design created specifically to endure drops, shocks, and other impacts without compromise. This sets it apart from typical hardware wallets encased in plastic, which tend to crack or shatter more easily when dropped. The Zero’s IP68 rating also makes it resistant to both dust and water submersion up to 1 meter. So whether accidentally dropped in a pool or exposed to dirty environments, owners can rest assured the Ngrave Zero will continue functioning.

Model T

Contrast this to the Trezor Model T, which is encased in plastic rather than durable metal. While still reasonably robust, plastic casing is inherently more vulnerable to cracking from accidental drops. And with no water resistance rating, liquid exposure can more easily damage the internal electronics. Those intending to take their hardware wallet on the go to environments like construction sites or travel destinations may favor the added protections of the rugged Ngrave Zero.

Winner – Zero

The Ngrave Zero sets itself apart through resilient aluminum design engineered to endure real-world hazards that electronics routinely encounter. While the Trezor plastic casing should hold up against normal wear and tear, the Zero offers added accident protection.

Supported coins

The cryptocurrency market has exploded far beyond just Bitcoin, with new crypto assets emerging constantly. For hardware wallets, supporting more currencies adds flexibility and convenience.


Ngrave Zero currently supports 3,500 coins and tokens which is less than the Trezor Model T – it includes top coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin but trails in wider altcoin options. However, the Ngrave team pledges continued support for adding functionality for more cryptocurrencies over time. If your investing is concentrated mostly in top coins, the Ngrave has you covered today.

Ngrave Zero vs Trezor Model T - Supported Cryptos

Model T

By contrast, the veteran Trezor Model T supports a vast multitude of over 8,000 cryptocurrencies. As the longest-standing hardware wallet provider, Trezor had a head start on enabling such expansive currency support. For crypto investors who deal in everything from major to microcap assets, the Trezor likely offers compatibility with more obscure coins the Ngrave does not cover yet.

Security features

As dedicated cryptocurrency security devices, both the Ngrave Zero and Trezor Model T integrate advanced protections like encrypted seed backup and secure chips for storing private keys.


Where Ngrave stands out is the integration of cutting-edge randomized pin layouts to guard against observation attacks. Every time users enter their pin code, the numeric layout shuffles, preventing pin stealers from simply watching over-the-shoulder. This builds on standards like encrypted recovery seeds pioneered by Trezor.

Additionally, the Ngrave operating system holds a stringent EAL7 security certification – the highest level attainable for software resilience against sophisticated attacks. This gives crypto holders extra assurance in the software protecting their assets.

Model T

Meanwhile, the veteran Trezor Model T brings battle-tested reliability, having pioneered the popular 12-word recovery seed standard and other industry best practices. Its lengthy track record securing billions in crypto funds provides confidence the device can withstand real-world attacks. Trezor also enables advanced functionality like Shamir backups to share key fragments among trusted parties for resilience.

Winner – Both

Overall, both hardware wallets offer excellent security – Ngrave is tailored for air-gapped simplicity, and Trezor time-tested over the years. For crypto investors prioritizing ultra-secure storage, Ngrave’s offline-first design and EAL7 certified OS provide state-of-the-art assurances. And Trezor’s proven reliability over time brings veteran confidence.

Ease of use

While security comes foremost, hardware wallet usability also matters so mainstream crypto investors can manage their assets smoothly.


When it comes to user experience, the Ngrave Zero sets itself apart through intuitive design tailored specifically for cryptocurrency beginners. Features like the touchscreen interface with swipe-based operation and integrated biometric fingerprint scanner for login make accessing and transacting with crypto assets much simpler compared to typical hardware wallets.

Ngrave Zero vs Trezor Model T - security
Zero’s biometric sensor adds an additional layer of security for authentication and transaction signing.

Model T 

While still reasonably user-friendly, the Trezor Model T has more complex setup and recovery procedures better suited for more advanced crypto users. Its array of supported features and currencies also add further complexity.

So for those prioritizing smooth user experience alongside security, Ngrave Zero delivers hardware wallet protections with simplified usage. But more seasoned crypto holders may appreciate the fuller feature set of the Trezor Model T.

Cost Comparison

When it comes to upfront pricing, the Ngrave Zero represents a more expensive hardware wallet investment compared to the veteran Trezor alternative.


At a regular retail price of $398. This higher price can be justified by the Ngrave’s cutting-edge security features like EAL7 certified OS, proprietary randomized pin layout to protect against observation attacks and resilient metal casing. These best-in-class features contribute to the higher production expenses passed onto consumers. The innovative offline QR-based transaction signing also required custom design considerations factored into pricing.

Model T

Conversely, the Trezor Model T can typically be purchased for $179 – less than half the price of the Ngrave competitor. As one of the first mainstream hardware wallets, the Trezor range is designed for greater affordability to drive adoption. So for budget-conscious crypto investors, the Trezor Model T delivers core hardware wallet functionality for much lower cost.

Winner – Both

Users wanting best-in-class security can pay a premium for the Ngrave Zero, while the Trezor Model T offers proven protections for less. Those building large crypto portfolios may benefit from the ultra-secure Ngrave, but Trezor satisfies basic hardware wallet needs at a greater value.

If you are still weighing up between Zero and Model T: we also have a full bout analyzing Ngrave Zero vs Trezor Safe 3.

Ngrave Zero vs Trezor Model T – Which Should You Buy?

For those focused purely on providing ultra-secure storage for Bitcoin and Ethereum holdings, the Ngrave Zero is likely the best choice. Its EAL7-certified operating system offers best-in-class software protections, while the durable aluminum housing and IP68 rating enable resilience against accidents, elements or tampering. Advanced innovations like randomized pin pads further harden security. While expensive at $379, owners gain specialized peace of mind knowing their crypto is locked down in an offline fortress.

In contrast, buyers seeking versatility across many cryptocurrency assets on a budget should consider the veteran Trezor Model T. With support for over 8,000 coins and tokens, the Trezor provides excellent value at only $179. And its lengthy track record securing funds instills confidence that critical defenses work when put to the test. Just expect fewer next-gen features versus the Ngrave.

In conclusion, if your top priority is ultra-secure Bitcoin and Ethereum savings, choose the specialized Ngrave Zero. But those wanting wider currency support while pinching pennies will appreciate Trezor’s proven protections at a lower price point.

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  1. What coins do the Ngrave Zero and Trezor Model T support?

The Ngrave Zero supports 1,500 coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other major cryptocurrencies. The Trezor Model T supports over 8,000 different cryptocurrency coins and tokens.

  1. Which wallet offers better durability protections?

The Ngrave Zero is constructed from durable aluminum with IP68 dust/water resistance. The Trezor uses plastic casing which is not as resilient against drops or liquid damage.

  1. Do both hardware wallets work with mobile devices?

Yes! The Ngrave Zero is offline only, with no wifi, 4G, Bluetooth, NFC, or USB. Zero only communicates public information via QR codes using the LIQUID app. Learn how you can use the Zero Wallet. The Trezor Model T also works seamlessly with mobile apps.

  1. Which device offers more advanced security features?

The Ngrave Zero offers more modern innovations like EAL7 certified OS and randomized pin pads. But the Trezor brings battle-tested security from years on the market.

  1. Which hardware wallet is easier for beginners to use?

With its simplified touchscreen interface, the Ngrave Zero offers excellent ease-of-use tailored for crypto newcomers. The Trezor has more complex interfaces.

  1. Which device has the higher price tag?

The Ngrave Zero is currently more expensive at $379 retail pricing versus $179 for the Trezor Model T.