Vantage Markets Enhances Copy Trading Feature with Multi-Currency, Multi-Account Support

Vantage Markets launches new features for its mobile app, focusing on improved copy trading functionality.

Key Insights

  • Vantage Markets upgrades its app with multi-currency support for copy trading
  • New feature allows copy trading between different account types and currencies
  • 55 global deposit methods now supported, including credit cards and bank transfers

LONDON (MarketsXplora) – Multi-asset broker Vantage Markets announced on Monday a series of upgrades to its Vantage App, focusing on improving the copy trading experience for its global user base.

The enhancements include support for multiple currencies such as EUR, HKD, INR, JPY, US Cents, and USD, allowing traders from various regions to participate and diversify their portfolios in their preferred currency. The update is complemented by the integration of 55 global deposit methods, including credit cards and bank transfers.

Vantage Boosts Accessibility with App Enhancements

Vantage has also introduced multi-account type support for its Copy Trading feature. This allows users to copy trade seamlessly between different account types, even when operating in different currencies.

“At Vantage, we are committed to making trading accessible to everyone,” Lian J, User Growth Director at Vantage Markets, told MarketsXplora. “Our new multi-currency support and multiple account types are designed to further break down any geographical and technical barriers for traders.”

The new feature enables a copier with a Standard STP account to mirror trades from a signal provider using a Swap-free RAW ECN account, regardless of currency differences. This development aims to provide users with greater flexibility in selecting signal providers based on trading styles and strategies.

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Lian J emphasized that one of the company’s primary goals for the year is to help mobile clients develop market instincts more quickly.

“With the enhancements to the UI and the launch of various account types, we believe it will streamline our clients’ journey to capture market opportunities,” she added.

The upgrades to the Vantage App reflect the growing trend in the fintech industry towards more inclusive and flexible trading platforms, catering to a diverse, global user base with varying levels of experience and preferences.

Vantage Markets did not disclose specific user numbers or growth targets related to these new features.

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