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Security or Affordability? Ngrave Zero vs Ledger Nano X Review

Cryptocurrency investors have an expanding range of hardware wallet security options to safeguard their digital assets. Two of the most advanced choices on the market are the Ngrave Zero and Ledger’s flagship Nano X model. Both utilize encrypted offline storage and strict key management protocols for robust protection.

In this comprehensive outline, we will compare the Ngrave Zero vs Ledger Nano X across essential criteria like security assurances, native asset support, usability, costs, specifications, and overall recommendation fit.

This side-by-side analysis aims to help cryptocurrency holders that prioritize powerful security or well-rounded functionality determine which advanced hardware wallet best matches their needs and priorities.

Ngrave Zero vs Ledger Nano X Quick Comparison

Before jumping into the full side-by-side analysis on critical metrics like security, asset support, costs, and usability in our review outline, here is a high-level at-a-glance overview of how these premier devices stack up:

Category Ngrave Zero Ledger Nano X Winner
Security CC EAL7+ CC EAL6+ Zero
Supported Assets 1500 5500 Nano X
Cost $398 $149 Nano X
Ease of Use Low High Nano X
Backup Method Durable Steel Cards Paper Phrases Zero

Now, let’s dive deeper into the full Ngrave Zero vs Ledger Nano X comparison to determine which option may fit best depending on your cryptocurrency priorities.


Safeguarding the encrypted private keys that control user cryptocurrency funds is the paramount purpose of any hardware wallet. Loss or theft of these sensitive keys exposes holdings to potentially catastrophic losses.

Private Keys & Seed Storage

The Ngrave Zero generates and stores private keys fully offline in a cryptographically sealed secure element hardware chip with no ability to connect online. This air-gapped architecture provides top-notch protection against remote hacking risks. The Ledger Nano X also utilizes a certified secure element chip for internal key creation and storage.

Both the Ngrave Zero and Ledger Nano X enable backup seed phrase recovery as a worst case safeguard if devices are damaged or lost. However, they differ in restoration protocols. Ngrave offers more complex options including distributed Shamir Secret Sharing that splits the seed into multiple shards. Meanwhile, Ledger uses a standard 24-word recovery phrase users can simply write down, with an optional paid service for secondary passphrase encryption.

Certifications & Audits

The Ngrave Zero leverages numerous high-level security certifications like FIPS 140-2 Level 3 along with vulnerability auditing from firms like Kudelski. Ledger’s chip meets CC EAL6+ validation but has faced past scrutiny over bug disclosures.

Anti-Tampering & Restoration

Ngrave employs tamper-proof seals and circuitry that automatically wipes all data if physically hacked. Ledger lacks native anti-tampering but offers inexpensive replacement devices.

Winner: Ngrave Zero

With its fully air-gapped secure chip architecture anchored to the Bitcoin blockchain, device tamper proofing, and advanced restoration protocols, Ngrave Zero currently provides superior security standards compared to Ledger’s offerings. However, the Nano X still utilizes above average protections likely sufficient for most mainstream investors.

Supported Cryptocurrencies

The range of natively supported crypto assets and blockchain ecosystems is an essential wallet consideration dictating functionality.

Native Coin Support

The Ngrave Zero only natively supports 1,500 coins including Bitcoin and Ethereum assets and networks. In comparison, Ledger devices work across a wide spectrum, over 5,500 coins, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and many more altcoins, stablecoins, and tokens.

NFT Storage Capacity

Ledger hardware and software also enables users to store Ethereum and niche network NFTs – an expanding priority among crypto investors. Ngrave lacks native NFT functionality.

D. Winner: Ledger Nano X

With extensive native integration and its Ledger Live ecosystem supporting over 1500 coins and tokens across numerous blockchain networks – along with NFT storage capacity – the Ledger Nano X currently enables connectivity with a far wider array of cryptocurrency assets than the Ngrave Zero.

Ease of Use

A smooth setup process and intuitive ongoing management are vital for mainstream hardware wallet adoption.

Setup & Installation

The Ngrave takes more effort to initialize with its involved air gapped mnemonic and key generation compared to Ledger’s simpler account creation.

Account Management

Ledger Live provides a unified dashboard for transaction oversight, balance tracking, sending/receiving, and app catalog navigation. Ngrave users currently rely on a segregated workflow across paired mobile wallet apps, desktop clients, or external hard wallet connectivity.

Mobile & Desktop Connectivity

Customers can only use the Ngrave Zero wallet by connecting the device itself to a wired PC or phone. In contrast, Ledger Nano X owners can transfer assets on Bluetooth via Ledger Live mobile supporting iOS and Android access.

Winner: Ledger Nano X

Thanks to its integrated Ledger Live platform and Bluetooth-enabled apps, the Ledger Nano X hardware wallet offers far simpler account initialization, asset tracking, transaction handling, and multi-device connectivity compared to the Ngrave Zero’s fragmented workflow.

The Ledger Nano X’s ease of use advantages in getting started, managing crypto, and leveraging desktop/mobile continuity provide a much smoother user experience overall compared to the Ngrave Zero.

Cost Comparison

Wallet affordability often affects purchase decisions, so assessing pricing implications is prudent.

Device Pricing

The standard Ngrave Zero costs $398 – over 2.5x the $149 sticker price for a Ledger Nano X. The Ledger Nano S Plus is way more affordable at $79. Find out how Zero vs Nano S Plus compares.

Winner: Ledger Nano X

With a retail price under $150, the Ledger Nano X costs hundreds less than the premium-priced Ngrave Zero device helping make it more accessible for budget-conscious investors. Lower fees and expenses provide additional Ledger savings upside.


Design & Portability

Hardware wallets vary widely in look, feel, size and interface – factors that can determine convenience.

Size, Weight & Materials

The Ngrave Zero has a rugged 308g stainless steel design ensuring durability. By comparison, Ledger’s Nano X features sleeker plastic/metal construction coming in much lighter at 34g for better portability.

Interface & Screens

Ngrave Zero uses a simple OLED interface and USB-C connectivity, while the Ledger Nano X sports a 128×64 pixel screen with navigation buttons and Bluetooth pairing.

Biometric Unlock Options

The Ledger Nano X uniquely offers optional fingerprint scanning capabilities for fast, biometric wallet unlocking – a feature Ngrave’s product lacks.

Winner: Ledger Nano X

Although the Ngrave Zero industrial design oozes sophisticated security, the Ledger Nano X’s lighter and sleeker form factor along with its Bluetooth mobile pairing and biometric login sensor provide superior portability and device ergonomics.

Verdict: Zero vs Nano X – Which Should You Buy?

When evaluating the most advanced hardware wallets on the market – the Ngrave Zero and Ledger Nano X – there are reasonable arguments favoring each device depending on individual priorities.

However, for most mainstream cryptocurrency investors who want a optimal blend of robust security with extensive native assets support and everyday usability at affordable pricing, the Ledger Nano X makes the strongest case overall.

The Ngrave Zero certainly sets the market standard for ultra-secure key storage via its fully air-gapped encrypted chip architecture and recovery options only accessible offline. Its defense-grade protections are unmatched.

That being said, the Ledger Nano X is no slouch on safety given its CC EAL6+ certified Secure Element and encrypted Bluetooth connectivity. And it compromises little security for drastically better rounded versatility and value.

For less than $150, Ledger Nano X owners gain mobile and desktop accessibility, biometric login, intuitive controls, and connection to 5500+ coins and tokens – a vastly wider range than the Zero’s 1500 native support. The integrated Ledger Live platform also makes handling accounts, transactions, and assets far simpler compared to Ngrave’s fragmented workflow.

So which wallet should you choose? Well, for crypto holders prioritizing either extreme anonymity or safeguarding enormous multi-million dollar wealth, Ngrave Zero has no equal. But everyday Bitcoin, Ethereum, and altcoin traders are better served by the Ledger Nano X as the most well-rounded and reasonably secure hardware wallet at affordable pricing.

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