eToro Launches Smart Portfolio Targeting Emerging Economies

BySamson Ononeme

Apr 8, 2024
Global multi-asset broker eToro is introducing the 'Emerging Nations' portfolio, enabling traders to capitalize on the rapid industrialization and rising middle class trends unfolding across the developing world.

Key Insights

  • eToro has launched the ‘Emerging Nations’ smart portfolio
  • The portfolio features innovative firms positioned to benefit from rising consumer spending
  • Minimum investment is just $500

NICOSIA (MarketsXplora) – Online trading platform eToro is offering investors a new opportunity to tap into the growth potential of emerging economies around the world with the launch of its ‘Emerging Nations’ smart portfolio.

The portfolio, which requires a minimum investment of just $500, provides exposure to leading companies across Latin America, Africa, Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia (excluding China) – regions renowned for their rapid industrialization, dynamic demographics and robust economic progress.

“The Emerging Nations portfolio is designed to be a gateway for traders to access the vibrant growth and expansion unfolding across these fast-developing markets,” said Yoni Assia, co-founder and CEO of eToro.

“These are regions brimming with promise, fueled by rising consumer spending, the integration of new technologies, and burgeoning international trade and investment. We believe the companies within this portfolio are positioned to capitalize on these powerful trends.”

The portfolio features leading firms across a diverse range of industries, each demonstrating strong financial health and considerable growth potential in their respective markets.

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The launch of the Emerging Nations portfolio comes as investors globally seek avenues to capitalize on the rapid development unfolding across the developing world. While China has long dominated the conversation around emerging market opportunities, other regions are now commanding greater attention.

“Latin America, Africa, Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia are brimming with promising investment prospects, as they undergo rapid industrialization and the expansion of a burgeoning middle class,” said Stephen Ethan, a senior emerging markets analyst at MarketsXplora.

“eToro’s new portfolio provides traders an efficient way to gain exposure to this growth story, without having to navigate the complexities of investing directly in these diverse, yet often volatile, markets.”

The minimum investment of $500 for the Emerging Nations portfolio aims to make it accessible to a wide range of investors, from seasoned traders to those just starting their investment journey.

eToro, which has over 30 million customer accounts and manages $11.3 billion in assets, has built a reputation for its innovative investment products and social trading features. The launch of the Emerging Nations portfolio marks the latest step in the company’s efforts to offer investors greater diversity in their portfolios.

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