Forex Broker IG US Has Changed Its Name to tastyfx

BySamson Ononeme

Jun 24, 2024 ,
IG US rebrands as tastyfx, aiming to offer an enhanced forex trading experience for U.S. clients while aligning closer with the tasty family of products.

Key Insights

  • IG US rebrands as tastyfx, aiming to offer an enhanced forex trading experience for U.S. clients while aligning closer with the tasty family of products.
  • The rebranding includes changes to the company’s website, social media presence, email communications, and mobile app, while maintaining the core trading platform functionality.
  • tastyfx promises to deliver forex-focused services with fast technology, zero commissions, and supportive customer service

NEW YORK (MarketsXplora) – IG US, a prominent forex broker, announced on Monday a significant rebranding initiative, unveiling its new identity as tastyfx. This strategic move aims to offer a more cohesive experience for U.S.-based customers and bring foreign exchange trading closer to the established tasty family of products.

The rebranding effort, while changing the company’s name and visual identity, will largely maintain the core trading platform that clients have come to appreciate. However, tastyfx promises continued enhancements to provide a more definitive forex trading technology.

“Changing our name to tastyfx marks the beginning of a new chapter for us,” Pete Mulmat, CEO of tastyfx, told MarketsXplora. “We’ve seen incredible growth in our business over the past few years, but tastyfx will go even further in offering forex traders in the US an unparalleled experience.”

The newly branded tastyfx will focus on delivering a forex-centric platform for U.S. clients, emphasizing fast technology, zero commissions, and supportive customer service. This move aligns with the company’s strategy to create a distinct identity within the competitive forex trading landscape.

JJ Kinahan, CEO of IG North America and President of tastytrade, emphasized the significance of this rebranding in the context of the company’s broader evolution.

“The tastyfx rebrand is another illustration of how we’re evolving our company identity and our brands, while continuing to offer the fast, easy forex trading experience that our customers love,” Kinahan stated.

The rebranding encompasses several key changes:

  1. Web Presence: The company’s website URL has changed to, though the previous will remain accessible for a transitional period.
  2. Social Media: All social media handles have been updated to @tastyfx, with existing followers automatically transitioned to the new accounts.
  3. Email Communications: Corporate email addresses will now use the domain, although addresses will remain functional for a limited time.
  4. Mobile Application: The IG US mobile app will be rebranded as tastyfx, maintaining core functionality and account information. Existing users will be prompted to update their app, while new users can download it from both Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store.

Industry analysts view this rebranding as a strategic move to consolidate IG’s position in the U.S. forex market, leveraging the recognition of the tasty brand family while carving out a distinct identity for its forex offerings.

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The transition to tastyfx comes at a time of increasing competition in the online trading sector, with brokers vying to differentiate themselves through technology, user experience, and specialized offerings.

As tastyfx emerges as a standalone brand, market observers will be watching closely to see how this rebranding impacts the company’s market share and customer acquisition in the competitive U.S. forex trading market.

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