Worldcoin Token Swings Wildly as Altman Saga Unfolds

BySamson Ononeme

Nov 20, 2023 ,
Worldcoin Token Swings Wildly as Altman Saga Unfolds

Key Insights

  • Worldcoin token WLD sees volatility amid OpenAI drama with co-founder Sam Altman
  • WLD price swung sharply up and down last week around events of Altman’s firing and attempted return
  • Analysts say WLD likely to remain sensitive to headlines about Altman’s status

The recent drama surrounding artificial intelligence startup OpenAI and its ousted CEO Sam Altman appears to be impacting cryptocurrency markets as well.

Specifically, the price of Worldcoin (WLD) has seen significant volatility in recent days that analysts attribute to developments related to Altman’s status at OpenAI.

Altman remains co-founder and chairman of Worldcoin, a crypto project focused on digital identity verification. WLD, Worldcoin’s associated token, surged over 8% on Monday to $2.65 after a turbulent week of trading.

Source: Coinmarketcap

Last Friday, Altman was fired as CEO of OpenAI, the AI research firm behind ChatGPT, over transparency issues with its board. After failed negotiations to return, it was announced Sunday that Altman would not be coming back.

The news triggered heavy trading in WLD, which analysts believe reflects market speculation about how the OpenAI saga could impact Altman’s leadership at Worldcoin.

With little clarity on why Altman was fired, many could speculate on issues with his conduct that could affect Worldcoin, said crypto market maker Keyrock.

Further developments added volatility, including Altman being hired by Microsoft to head a new AI team on Monday after his OpenAI rejection.

Expert Justin d’Anethan noted WLD fell over 10% Friday on initial firing news only to recover as hopes of Altman’s OpenAI return emerged.

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The swings showcase how Altman’s status, as the face of Worldcoin, can directly influence trader sentiment. As the situation remains fluid, analysts say WLD may continue reacting strongly to related headlines.

For now, WLD remains up solidly on the week, suggesting Altman still has significant support in crypto circles. But his reputation may have taken a hit.

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