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Is FXTM Legal in Nigeria in 2024?

Across Nigeria, growing numbers of individuals are shifting attention from traditional assets to the financial markets – attracted by the prospect of superior returns via trading. As adoption increases, discerning Nigerian traders considering specialized brokers like FXTM face a critical question – is this platform properly regulated to serve me legally here?

With cryptocurrencies going mainstream across Africa’s largest economy, determining the legitimacy of brokers offering enticing opportunities in forex, CFDs, and beyond holds heightened importance. Especially for brokers based abroad, like leading FXTM.

What is FXTM?

To understand whether FXTM meets Nigeria’s regulatory standards, let’s first detail what FXTM provides. Founded in 2011, FXTM is a global brokerage providing access to popular trading markets including Forex, stocks, commodities, indices and cryptocurrencies – all from one convenient account.

Importantly, FXTM maintains a corporate office centrally located in Lagos at 6 Allen Ave, Ikeja. We’ve reviewed them extensively in the latest 2024 FXTM review – exploring their origination, growth, and full capabilities.

Specifically, FXTM enables Nigerians to speculate on currency pairs like EUR/NGN or USD/NGN using tight dealing spreads from 0.1 pips. They also pioneered copy trading allowing inexperienced traders to mimic professionals. And with their own FXTM Invest robo-advisor, hands-free trades are executable too.

But in the wake of shocking defaults like forex-giant Intertrader, verification beyond features is more vital than ever. Next, we’ll analyze FXTM’s crucial regulatory status for Nigeria.

Is FXTM Legit in Nigeria?

Critically examining regulation represents the foremost priority for Nigerians assessing any financial services provider, especially forex brokers courting local traders. Encouragingly, FXTM stands out positively across several benchmarks.

Firstly, FXTM holds 5 major international licenses, under esteemed authorities like the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). This confirms adherence to strict standards beyond what Nigeria alone mandates. Additionally, FXTM secured formal certification from Nigeria’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to lawfully offer services locally.

Obtaining approval directly from Nigeria’s regulators requires meeting expansive requirements focused on capitalization, reporting transparency, risk protocols, and consumer protections. The SEC aims to filter quality brokers for Nigerians – standards FXTM willingly surpassed to gain registration.

Finally, leading regulated names like Exness and Tickmill operate in parallel to FXTM, signaling that Nigerian guidelines enable ethical offshore brokers.

In totality, FXTM’s SEC certification provides Nigerians confidence in formal local legitimacy.


Delving beyond just license validity, FXTM’s security and longevity also inspire trader trust in their offerings for Nigeria. FXTM implements reliable protocols like mandatory SSL encryption, industry fund segregation in European banks and two factor authentication. Over 10 straight years of serving clients across 150 countries, FXTM has avoided meaningful security incidents.

Importantly, in the extremely unlikely event of FXTM’s insolvency, your funds will be insured up to $1m, in excess of $20,000. This insurance covers both your available balance and open positions.

Additionally, FXTM reports a solid client base now exceeding 1 million traders along with a monthly trade volume over $11 billion. These adoption markers signal an engaging, demand-driven broker rather than a fly by night scheme targeting Nigeria. For locals seeking an established name beyond less proven brokers touting unbelievable returns, FXTM represents a viable choice.

Verifying Legit Forex Brokers

With Nigeria unfortunately rife with “bucket shops” masquerading as brokers, how can local traders better identify truly legitimate platforms? We suggest 3 vital checks:

Firstly – confirm valid registration with respected global authorities like the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority or Australia’s ASIC alongside Nigerian SEC approval locally.

Additionally, review the broker’s operational track record. Long histories without incidents signal reliable infrastructure and risk controls.

Finally, check that Naira transactions are enabled including localized banking and support signaling commitment to Nigerian clients.

While guarantees don’t exist, analyzing licenses, safety history and dedication to Nigeria helps guide better decisions.

Conclusion: FXTM’s Legal Standing in Nigeria

In closing, FXTM rightfully obtained authorized legal registrations in Nigeria from the SEC, holds 5 major worldwide licenses, and avoids regulatory flags beyond realms of standard trading risk. Compared to shadier brokers attracting Nigerians with unrealistic promises, evidence suggests traders can reasonably trust FXTM’s legitimacy.

For Nigerians seeking FOREX access, copy trading opportunities or hands-off-investing under formal local oversight, FXTM presents a compelling choice. Nonetheless, risk exists with any financial product, so clients should remain cautiously skeptical always.


  • Is FXTM legit or a scam broker in Nigeria?

Based on SEC registration, international licenses and 10+ year track record, FXTM appears to operate legitimately under Nigerian forex trading regulations.

  • What makes FXTM a recommended broker in Nigeria?

FXTM stands out through strong regulation, competitive pricing, innovative trading options like copy-trading, and commitment to the Nigerian market.

  • Can Nigerians legally trade Forex with FXTM?

Yes, FXTM obtained registration permissions from Nigeria’s Securities and Exchange Commission to legally offer forex and CFD trading to clients here.

  • Is my money safe using FXTM from Nigeria?

FXTM must adhere to capital requirements and implement measures like fund segregation. But risk exists in trading itself. Review protections to determine comfort level.

  • What is FXTM’s physical office address in Nigeria?

FXTM maintains an office located at 6 Allen Ave in the Ikeja district of Lagos, Nigeria to serve local clients in-market directly.