Apple GPT: Is the Tech Giant Creating Its Own AI Chatbot?

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Jul 19, 2023 , ,
Apple GPT: Is the Tech Giant Creating Its Own AI Chatbot?

Key Insights

  • Apple has secretly created its own analogue of ChatGPT, which a limited number of employees use for daily work.
  • Apple has introduced a new internal structure focusing on language model creation, the core technology behind AI-based chat bots.
  • But the company has no plans to make the product public yet. The company’s shares have risen in price by 2%

In a groundbreaking move, Apple has stepped into the realm of artificial intelligence with the establishment of a dedicated division focused on AI and the development of large language models used in chatbots, like OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard.

This marks a significant shift for the tech giant as it delves deeper into the world of AI, with multiple teams working tirelessly to push the boundaries of this transformative technology.

Artificial intelligence has become a core priority for Apple, and it’s not hard to see why. The company has already incorporated AI into various programs, enhancing user experiences in areas such as photo editing and iPhone search functionalities.

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, has been cautious yet optimistic about chatbots, recognizing their potential while acknowledging the challenges they present. He emphasized Apple’s commitment to integrating AI thoughtfully and deliberately into their products, ensuring they harness its power to benefit users.

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When will Apple GPT launch?

An eagerly anticipated announcement is on the horizon for Apple, as sources reveal the company’s plans to make a significant Apple GPT announcement next year. While specific details remain sketchy, the expectations are running high as the tech world awaits Apple’s next move.

Behind the scenes, Apple’s top-secret project, codenamed Ajax, has been at the heart of their AI endeavors since 2022.

This ambitious structure has already yielded tangible results, enhancing the capabilities of Siri, improving search functionalities, and even boosting the performance of Apple Maps.

But perhaps the most exciting prospect is the development of their very own chatbot, playfully referred to as Apple GPT.

Although still in its early stages, only a select group of employees with specialized access can put it through its paces. The results are promising, but Apple remains cautious, preventing the bot’s data from being used in products for consumers—for now.

Apple has no plans to make the chatbot publicly available

While the tech world eagerly anticipates Apple’s AI evolution, the company is taking a proactive approach to protect sensitive data.

Following in the footsteps of Samsung and other tech giants, Apple is keeping the chatbot in-house, opting to build their own AI counterpart rather than relying on third-party products.

This strategic move ensures data security and minimizes the risk of potential leaks that could compromise their proprietary technology.

Yet, while the mysteries surrounding Apple GPT and the future of AI at Apple captivate our imaginations, the company remains tight-lipped, declining to comment on the rumors and speculations swirling around its AI endeavors.

Meanwhile, Apple shares in the course of trading rose 2.3% to a record $198.23 per share, but by 20:20 GMT, growth slowed to $194.9 (+0.6%).

Shares of Microsoft, the main investor in OpenAI, fell 1.4% to $354.44.

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