OpenAI Launches GPT-4 Turbo, A More Powerful AI Model

OpenAI Launches GPT-4 Turbo, A More Powerful AI Model

Key Insights

  • OpenAI launched GPT-4 Turbo, a more powerful AI model with knowledge extending to April 2023.
  • OpenAI democratizes AI by enabling users to create custom chatbots without coding expertise, expanding personalized AI applications.
  • The introduction of the GPT Store allows creators to share and monetize their AI chatbots.

OpenAI, a leader in artificial intelligence, has introduced its new GPT-4 Turbo model, showcasing the rapid evolution of its technology. This powerful AI model offers answers with context up to April 2023, significantly extending its knowledge base compared to previous versions.

GPT-4 Turbo accepts inputs of up to 300 pages in length, making it capable of summarizing entire books and supports features like DALL-E 3 AI-generated images and text-to-speech.

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OpenAI lowers the prices for developers

Furthermore, OpenAI is lowering the prices for developers, making AI more accessible. GPT-4 Turbo input tokens are 3x cheaper than its predecessor at $0.01, while output tokens are 2x cheaper at $0.03.

OpenAI is also democratizing AI with personalized chatbot creation. Users can now build custom chatbots without any coding expertise, expanding the use of personalized AI tools for various industries and applications. This empowers both developers and consumers to create tailored AI chatbots, enhancing their accessibility across various apps and websites.

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The company is introducing the GPT Store, similar to an app store, allowing users to make their customized AI chatbots available for download and even monetization based on their usage.

GPT Store

OpenAI’s consolidation of AI tools into ChatGPT simplifies image generation, browsing, data analysis, document upload, and PDF search.

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Additionally, OpenAI takes a proactive approach to copyright protection. It will defend customers and cover the costs related to copyright infringement claims, aligning with industry leaders like Google and Microsoft.

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