Argentina Investigates Sam Altman Worldcoin Foundation

BySamson Ononeme

Aug 11, 2023
Argentina Investigates Worldcoin Foundation

Key Insights

  • Argentina Investigates Worldcoin Foundation co-founded by Sam Altman
  • The investigation will examine the exchange of biometric data, like facial and ocular scans, for compensation
  • Despite the surge in signups and verifications following its public launch, the Worldcoin project faces challenges 

In a recent development, the government of Argentina has announced its intention to launch a comprehensive investigation into the Worldcoin Foundation, a pioneering identity-focused cryptocurrency project co-founded by Sam Altman.

Argentina investigates Worldcoin data handling practices

The investigation will be conducted by the Public Information Access Agency, a government entity tasked with overseeing data protection and privacy matters.

The agency aims to meticulously examine the methodologies and procedures employed by the Worldcoin Foundation in collecting, storing, and utilizing personal data. If any issues or discrepancies are detected, the government is committed to taking appropriate corrective actions.

One of the focal points of the investigation pertains to the exchange of facial and ocular biometric data for compensation. Reports have emerged that individuals participated in face and eye scanning initiatives in various locations across Buenos Aires and other provinces, raising concerns about the potential misuse of sensitive personal information.

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The official government statement emphasizes the significance of reinforcing the existing legal framework concerning the Protection of Personal Data. It underscores that citizens possess the inherent right to transparent and easily accessible information when providing their personal data. This includes details regarding the purpose, use, and transfer of collected data, particularly when dealing with highly sensitive biometric information.

Sam Altman Worldcoin project is facing challenges in other regions

Notably, this move by the Argentine government follows a similar action taken by Kenya. As MarketsXplora previously reported, the Altman’s Worldcoin crypto project was temporarily suspended in Kenya due to concerns over operational practices and data security.

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Worldcoin, in response to the situation, disclosed a notable surge in signups subsequent to its public launch. The project reported an impressive increase of over 100% in verifications within a week. This surge in interest reflects the growing curiosity and enthusiasm surrounding the concept of a blockchain-based identity system.

The developments in both Argentina and Kenya underscore the delicate balance between technological innovation and safeguarding personal data rights. As the Worldcoin Foundation continues to evolve, it faces the imperative of addressing these concerns while navigating the intricate landscape of data privacy in an increasingly digital world.

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