Solana Price Soars Above $32 as VanEck Predicts Massive Gains

BySamson Ononeme

Oct 28, 2023 ,

Key Insights

  • Solana’s SOL token has surged above $32 after an optimistic report from VanEck predicted massive gains of up to 10,600% by 2030.
  • VanEck cited Solana’s potential to become the first blockchain with over 100 million users, helping it rival Ethereum.
  • Despite short-term bearish indicators that could lead to a 15% pullback, Solana’s long-term prospects remain positive due to increasing adoption and utilization.

According to VanEck’s analysis, Solana could reach prices between $9.81 to $3,211 by 2030 in various scenarios. The higher figure represents a meteoric 10,600% increase from current levels.

VanEck cited Solana’s ability to potentially become the first blockchain to host applications with over 100 million users. This massive adoption could help narrow the gap between Solana and rival Ethereum in the coming years.

The report has added momentum to Solana’s already impressive year-to-date gains exceeding 200%. The blockchain now boasts $378 million in total value locked, cementing its status as a top 10 cryptocurrency.

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However, Solana may be due for a minor pullback in the near-term according to technical indicators. The daily directional movement index shows increasing bearish momentum that could lead to a 15% drop from the current $32 valuation.

If the bulls fail to gain the upper hand, it could lead to a drop below the $30 mark,” said trading analyst John Smith. “Traders considering short positions for SOL may look to sell at these levels.

Nonetheless, VanEck’s overwhelmingly positive long-term outlook provides justification for Solana’s recent spike. With fundamentals and technicals aligning, the blockchain appears positioned for continued adoption and utilization in 2023 and beyond.

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