Nigeria’s eNaira Defended by Central Bank Amidst Stability Concerns

BySamson Ononeme

Oct 11, 2023 , ,
Nigeria's Central Bank Addresses Concerns Over eNaira Stability

Key Insights

  • The Central Bank of Nigeria refutes claims that its eNaira digital currency threatens the country’s financial stability.
  • The CBN’s eNaira project, a pioneering central bank digital currency, is acknowledged for its growing adoption, accounting for 0.2% of Nigerian banks’ liquidity.
  • Nigeria, known for its high cryptocurrency awareness, is recognized as having the world’s most crypto-savvy population.

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has issued a public statement to dispel concerns regarding the impact of its eNaira project on the nation’s financial stability. The eNaira, recognized as one of the world’s pioneering central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), has recently faced scrutiny following suggestions that it might jeopardize Nigeria’s economic stability.

Clarifying eNaira’s Role and Impact

The CBN’s press release, dated October 9, was prompted by reports in various media outlets that questioned the stability of the eNaira. Notably, an article published in Nigeria’s daily newspaper, Punch, referenced the CBN’s latest report titled, “Economics of Digital Currencies: A Book of Readings.”

The report, compiled by CBN experts, sheds light on the gradual rise of eNaira adoption, which currently accounts for a 0.2% share of Nigerian banks’ liquidity. It also acknowledges that the funds held in eNaira wallets by citizens cannot be used by commercial banks.

The hypothetical concern raised here is the potential liquidity constraints faced by banks in the event of widespread eNaira adoption. However, this concern is rooted in the theoretical aspects of any discussion involving a central bank digital currency.

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The CBN’s response, while lacking detailed explanations, unequivocally rejects the claims made in the media reports. The CBN points to the “in-depth understanding of CBDCs” outlined in its report and underscores the evolving structure of the eNaira, with ongoing improvements aimed at enhancing the user experience and promoting greater financial inclusion among Nigerians.

Nigeria’s Remarkable CryptoAwareness

It’s worth noting that Nigeria recently emerged as a global leader in cryptocurrency awareness. According to a joint study by ConsenSys and YouGov featuring respondents from 15 countries, a staggering 99% of Nigerians demonstrated a higher level of knowledge about Web3 and cryptocurrencies compared to individuals in major economies such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan, and Germany.

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