OANDA Launches Labs Trader Program for Skilled Clients

Skilled traders gain privileged OANDA market access by passing simulation showing risk-controlled profit generation across asset categories.

Key Insights

  • OANDA launched a trader program allowing skilled retail clients to become signal providers to its proprietary trading arm on a profit-share basis.
  • Traders must first pass a simulated challenge showing profitable strategies and risk control to qualify for privileged market access.
  • Company says program leverages standout traders’ talents while remaining accountable through risk exposure.

SINGAPORE – Retail foreign exchange broker OANDA on Monday launched a trader programme centred on sharing profits from its proprietary business based on client strategies and market signals.

The OANDA Labs Trader initiative aims to tap standout retail investors and self-directed traders from countries under its global markets division regulated in the British Virgin Islands.

Qualified participants can become signal providers to the firm’s internal trading activity in return for a portion of revenues generated if their data inputs prove profitable.

Our vision is centred on enabling smarter trading for clients. Through this programme, the most capable traders are empowered with streamlined market access, said OANDA chief operating officer Kurt vom Scheidt.

Participants must first pass a simulated “challenge” assessment to demonstrate trading profitability across asset classes as well as risk control.

Successful traders gain access to educational support plus privileged data features to help formulate signals feeding into OANDA’s trading methodologies.

Retail trading platforms have expanded offerings giving savvy individual clients greater influence over central market positioning, as the accessibility boom democratizes investing knowledge.

OANDA said its capital would remain at risk to ensure potential signal providers from its 6 million user network showed accountability. Company executives have pushed transparency around market operations amid sector-wide calls for access improvements.

While still using only demo funds, traders electing to provide inputs can receive a share of actual profits their account-based strategies yield at the institutional level.

The revenue split incentive builds on a freelance trader scheme first launched by OANDA in 2020 drawing on quantitative insights beyond conventional analytics, subject to robust vetting safeguards and compliance monitoring.

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