Delists Smart Prop Trader Citing Unresolved User Issues delists Smart Prop Trader following user complaints about delayed payouts and account breaches. The U.S.-based firm denies allegations and cites communication issues.

Key Insights

  • delists Smart Prop Trader due to user complaints
  • Complaints include delayed payouts, unjustified breaches, and Discord bans
  • Smart Prop Trader denies allegations and cites communication issues

AUSTIN, Texas (MarketsXplora) –, a leading comparison site for proprietary trading firms, announced on Monday it has delisted U.S.-based retail prop trading firm Smart Prop Trader following a surge in user complaints.

The comparison site cited delayed payouts, unjustified account breaches, and allegations of users being banned from Discord for voicing concerns as reasons for the delisting.

“Our Payout Time Tracker shows several payouts pending for more than 30 days at Smart Prop Trader,” a Propfirmmatch spokesperson told MarketsXplora. “We reached out to the firm on July 2 to address these issues but received no response, despite reminders.”

Smart Prop Trader, run by CEO Blake Olson from Austin, Texas, swiftly responded to the delisting on social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter.

“We have and continue to make payouts to traders every week,” the company stated, adding that recent payouts have been made via direct cryptocurrency transfers, mainly in USDT, rather than through the Rise platform as indicated by Propfirmmatch’s tracker.

The firm denied allegations of unjustified account breaches and user bans on Discord, but promised to investigate the latter claim. Smart Prop Trader also cited the recent U.S. holiday week and the use of an inactive management email as reasons for their delayed response to Propfirmmatch’s inquiries.

“Sad to see them rush into this decision,” the company commented.

This development comes shortly after Smart Prop Trader’s COO Ryan Lepper reportedly moved to rival firm Maven Trading, potentially adding to the company’s challenges.

The incident highlights the growing scrutiny of retail prop trading firms and the importance of transparent communication in maintaining trust within the trading community. has not yet indicated whether it would consider relisting Smart Prop Trader if the issues are resolved.

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