Webull Ventures into Futures and Commodities Trading

Online brokerage Webull announced the launch of futures and commodities trading, giving retail investors access to derivatives markets.

Key Insights

  • Webull announced the expansion of its product offerings to include futures and commodities trading for retail investors
  • This enables Webull customers to speculate on price movements, diversify portfolios, access leverage and global markets
  • Webull is providing educational resources on futures trading and plans to expand this offering globally in the future

NEW YORK (MarketsXplora) – Online brokerage firm Webull announced on Monday its expansion into futures and commodities trading, giving customers access to derivatives markets traditionally geared toward institutional investors.

The move allows Webull’s customers to trade futures contracts and speculate on the price movements of underlying assets like commodities, currencies and indexes without owning them outright. It also enables leverage and diversification across a wider range of global markets.

“By introducing futures trading, we are extending Webull’s legacy of democratizing access to advanced financial products that are typically reserved for institutional investors,” said Anthony Denier, Group President at Webull.

The company said the product launch initially focuses on outright futures in highly liquid markets, along with common order types like market, limit, stop market and stop-limit orders.

For Webull users unfamiliar with futures, the brokerage is offering educational resources explaining their significance for portfolio diversification and risk management strategies.

“Webull’s expansion into futures provides users with a cost-effective solution to a derivatives product that has been traditionally difficult to access,” said Arianne Adams, Chief Strategy Officer and Head of Derivatives.

The futures offering is currently available to Webull’s U.S. customers, with plans for a future global expansion.

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Webull’s move taps into growing demand from retail investors for access to sophisticated trading products and markets previously dominated by Wall Street professionals.

The brokerage was an early pioneer of commission-free stock trading, which disrupted the retail investing landscape and triggered a price war among brokers.

Expanding into futures allows Webull to remain competitive by broadening its product suite, while enabling investors to bet on major economic events worldwide using leverage unavailable in simpler equity transactions.

“At Webull, we aim to provide diversified portfolio options and access to coveted products that exemplify commitment to our customer’s financial success,” Denier said.

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